Mix'n'match contains over 3,000 datasets, including lists of important people. It allows one to match names to Wikidata entries, using several different modes. There is a gamified mode, that may require just one click. Where there is a corresponding Wikidata property, statements are entered into Wikidata by the system.

WikidataCon Award 2019

Are you unhappy with the Top Ten Wikipedias rank? See if you can get better than your neighbour at a subset of topics! For instance, who has more European classics (list by the European Library of Information and Culture)?



  • List of existing and missing catalogues in Mix'n'match by category

Updates through automated web page scraping


The statement "This catalog is regularly updated through automated web page scraping" is found on some pages. It can take more than a week for a rescraping.

Top missing entries


Pre-selected sets of shared matches to work on by topic and/or language.

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