Meta:Protected against recreation


A list of protected uncreated or frequently deleted articles, in other words articles frequently created and speedied without any further need of discussions. For maintenance convenience this page is protected as well using cascading protection, and can be edited only by Meta administrators.

On this page you transclude all the pages that you want to block the creation of. Use the {{protected title}} template to do this. For example, to prevent the creation of the article "Example", you would add

"{{protected title|pg=Example|reason=an example page, used in a number of explanations, and should not exist}}"

to this page.

The result is that the these nonexistent articles are protected and can only be created by a sysop/administrator. Any sysop can edit the list (here) to add or remove entries; there is no need to re-protect it every time it is edited.

List of protected uncreated pagesEdit

This list has become deprecated as the standard protection system is able to control permissions for 'create' on non-existent pages. There may be some types of examples that are still better listed on this page.

Example pagesEdit

Typically these pages should not exist because they are used in explanations or helps as examples of non existant pages.