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Traduzir anúncios

The Wikimedia movement is international and speaks a lot of languages. Often, communication is lacking because we don't understand each other. Someone might need to reach out with news about something that is happening or new software or that things will work in a different way in the future. You could help out by translating these messages.

A good first step would be to sign up for the Translator mailing list, where you will get an email asking for help when there's a message that needs to be translated. Don't be afraid to send a personal reply to the person asking for help if there's something you didn't understand.

If you're not familiar with the Wikimedia terms, there's a glossary that can explain many of them. Help:Extension:Translate/Translation example is an introduction to the Translate extension with examples.

Se precisar de ajuda, pode solicitá-la aqui:

Especial:Idiomas Suportados pode ajudá-lo a encontrar outras pessoas que traduzem para o seu idioma.