List of largest wikis

Wikipedia's distinction shown on the table between a "conservative" and an "inclusive" number of pages originated in 2002 with the replacement of UseModWiki's spontaneous wiki modes with MediaWiki's embedded namespaces.

For Wikimedia projects:

  • The conservative number for the Wikipedia excludes redirects, discussion pages, image description pages, user profile pages, templates, help pages, portals, articles without links to other articles, and pages about Wikipedia. This may not be true for other wikis.
  • The conservative number for Wikimedia Commons and Wiktionary excludes "talk" pages, pages about Wikipedia, minimal "stub" pages, redirects, and others that probably don't qualify as content pages.

More lists of Wikipedias by various criteria :  [ edit ]

List of largest MediaWiki wikisEdit

Comprehensive Table at WikiStats, dynamically sortable to any criteria, self-updating every six hours by cronjob. Conservative count of Top 200, with automatically retrievable RAW statistics.

Requests for inclusion into the statisticsEdit

  • For MediaWikis version 1.5 and higher with valid article count above threshold
  • Wikis below the threshold are to be included for observation into the Talk page.

List of largest other wikisEdit

Conservative count above 20,000. Has to be updated by hand.

No. Wiki Page Count Started Current wiki host last update of count
1. Baidu Baike 21,689,745 2006-04-20 Baidu 2021-05-01
2. 18,000,000 2005-06-19 2021-05-01
3. Namuwiki 889,923 2015-04-17 umanle S.R.L. 2021-05-01
4. Doopedia 556,121 2003 Doosan Donga 2021-05-01
5. Handwiki 553,200 2019-10 Sergei Chekanov 2021-05-01
6. TV Tropes 542,803 2004-04 Chris Richmond and Drew Schoentrup 2021-05-01
7. 153,688 1999-08 Peter Thoeny 2021-04-01
8. LocalWiki 137,000 2004-06-24 Knight Foundation 2021-05-01
9. WikiWikiWeb 36,852 1995-03-25 Cunningham & Cunningham 2021-05-01
10. Sensei's Library 22,896 2000-10-21 Arno Hollosi/Morten Pahle 2021-05-01

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