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This page summarises the current usage of the namespaces across the different Wikimedia projects. For an explanation of what the namespaces are, see Help:Namespace.

Wikipedia Meta-Wiki
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MediaWiki - - -
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Main, project and helpEdit

Main namespace Project namespace Help namespace
Wikipedia encyclopedic articles provides information about Wikipedia, its policies, guidelines, rules, etc. along with some help about MediaWiki that is particular to Wikipedia Copied from Meta-Wiki's help namespace
Meta-Wiki Meta-pages Pages related to Meta-Wiki, not to other Wikimedia projects document the basic, technical features of MediaWiki All general information about the software. Organisation of, this namespace should be as small as possible. Set of basic help pages for users of an existing wiki (formatting etc.) The first aim is a complete English version, that can be shipped with the MW distribution. Contributions in this namespace are to be licensed in the public domain.

Additional namespacesEdit

  • has two additional namespaces:
    • Manual :All technical or more detailed stuff behind the surface, that is not part of the basic help pages (full handbook, mainly for the ones who want to set up an own wiki).
    • Extension :All extensions and directly related stuff.
  • Meta-Wiki has several custom namespaces, see Meta:Namespaces.

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