Licensing update/Committee

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The licensing update committee is a group of Wikimedia community members appointed by the Wikimedia Foundation to support and facilitate the decision making process and, if necessary, help implement changes resulting from the community decision on Wikimedia's licensing terms (see licensing update). As a group the committee is officially neutral on whether an update should occur. The roles of the committee include:

  • Helping to ensure that the process is fully documented and understandable.
  • Helping to finalize the license update timeline.
  • Supporting the process of translating all key documents.
  • Interfacing with Software in the Public Interest, the independent non-profit organization which will administer the vote, to tally the licensing vote result (eliminating duplicate and invalid ballots).
  • Announcing the result to the community and the Wikimedia Foundation Board.
  • Supporting the implementation of the decision, if an affirmative decision is made, throughout our projects by helping to update relevant policy pages, templates, and instructions.
  • Other support as needed.
The licensing update has been executed.
The results are available here. Please be aware that pages need to be updated to reflect the result and that some information may be obsolete. In the meantime, viewing the LU timeline might be helpful. Help with translations is of continuing appreciation.


The committee's work is organized on a public mailing list, licom-l as well as here on Meta. It interfaces with Wikimedia Foundation staff, but will operate independently insofar as administering the vote is concerned.



The following staff members interface directly with the committee:

  1. a b c d Person is able to make changes at the SPI site.