Iranian Wikimedians User Group/Report/ 2016



monthly edit-a-thons has been held in farsi Wikipedia, each month a we granted the winner a t-shirt as sign of appreciation


Regular meeting among the community in multiple cities

Wikipedia education programEdit

Students are learning about Wikipedia and it's education program

Farsi Wikipedia was one the active member of Education Program, multiple courses has been added and performed by community members

Wiki Love Monuments 2016Edit

Iran was one of participant of wiki-love monuments this year. Iran's Wiki Loves Monuments photography competition returns in 2016 to capture and document Iran's more than 26,000 national monuments, spread across the country. These monuments, big and small, famous and not so famous, some even forgotten, are part of our heritage. They all should be photographed and documented, to make learning about Iran's heritage possible, for us and for generations to come.

participation in nation-wide conferencesEdit

Conferences held by IWUGEdit