Iranian Wikimedians User Group/FaWiki500K

on 27 July 2016, thousands of volunteers, translators, writers, researchers, students and internet users saw history made with the Farsi Wikipedia’s five hundred-thousandth article—the culmination of a thirteen-year effort to compile the largest online encyclopedia in the language. Read more

Group photo at the end of ceremony

it took us 13 years to reach to 500,000 articles, so Iranian Wikimedians User Group decided to celebrate with a celebration in National Library of Iran. we invited interested people through site-notice in Farsi Wikipedia. almost 400 people signed up.

It was 4 hours ceremony. several wikipedians gave lecture and shared the stories of this long journey. First speaker was Mardetanha who talked about history of Wikipedia and its importance.

Mardetanha on the stage talking about Wikipedia

After Mardetanha, Jimmy Wales's message for this milestone were broadcasted, he congratulated the community on this milestone. watch the video .

Jimmy congratulating Farsi Wikipedia community for their milestone

Then Motabatalked about, Wikipedia, vandalism and being allegedly biased, He published result of his academic research on this issue.

Mojtaba sharing his research with audiences

Then Darafsh and Mardetanha talked about The Wikipedia Library project. They talked about the importance of the library and how it is going to help editors to make and build better encyclopedia.

Darafsh and Mardetanha are talking about The Wikipedia Library

Hamid Hasani an Iranian scholar talked about how Wikipedia is going to preserve Persian language. after him, it was time for Amir sarabadani to talk about how week things going in Wikipedia and how do we fight with vandalism.

Hamid Hasani
Amir sarabadani talked about How do we run Wikipedia

Last part of the ceremony was to take a group photo and eat the cake.

cutting the cake for these many guest was a big challenge