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InternetArchiveBot is an advanced bot that identifies and replaces broken external links. InternetArchiveBot makes other enhancements to references as well, including filling out bare reference templates and adding links to resources where appropriate. InternetArchiveBot monitors every Wikimedia wiki for new outgoing links and actively makes fixes on over 150 Wikimedia wikis. This bot is operated as a service of the Internet Archive in partnership with the Wikimedia community.


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Starten und Stoppen des Bots

  • Das Sperren des Bots ist nicht notwendig, um ihn zu stoppen.
  • Klicke unten auf "Laufende Seiten anzeigen". Stelle sicher, dass das richtige Wiki aus dem Dropdown-Menü oben ausgewählt ist.
  • Wenn die Seite sagt: "Dieses Wiki ist: Aktiviert"
    • Um den Bot zu deaktivieren, schreibe den Grund, warum der Bot deaktiviert werden soll, und klicke dann auf "Deaktivieren".
    • Hinterlasse eine Nachricht auf Benutzer Diskussion:InternetArchiveBot, die erklärt, warum du den Bot deaktiviert hast. Schließe schlechte Bearbeitungen ein, die gemacht wurden.
  • Wenn die Seite sagt: "Dieses Wiki ist: Deaktiviert"
    • Um den Bot zu aktivieren, schreibe den Grund, warum der Bot aktiviert werden soll, und klicke dann auf "Aktivieren".
    • First, make sure the bot has consensus to run on your wiki. Follow your wiki's bot policies.
    • If the bot was disabled due to bugs such as making incorrect edits, make sure those bugs have been fixed first.
  • If the bot is blocked, please leave a message at User talk:InternetArchiveBot immediately.
  • Even if the bot is not running on a given wiki, the Internet Archive create archives of almost every new external link added to every Wikimedia wiki, and has been since 2013. If a bot is blocked or disabled on a wiki, it does not stop this work.

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Configuring the bot

The bot's behavior can be changed to suit the wikis needs. This is done by updating values in on the configuration page of the interface. Click the link below to access the configuration page. Make sure the correct wiki is selected from the drop-down menu at the top. Only administrators can edit the configuration for a given wiki.

View Configuration Page

Using the bot

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Requesting specific articles

You can use the Analyze a Page interface to fix dead links, or to add archive links to all links, on a specific page. Edits made using this tool will be attributed to you. Make sure the correct wiki is selected from the drop-down menu at the top.

You can also queue the bot to run on multiple pages. These articles will be added to InternetArchiveBot's queue of edits to make.

Help with translation

InternetArchiveBot's management interface is available in many languages thanks to volunteer translators. Your help with translation is greatly appreciated. Visit to help.

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For the most up to date information see the run pages or Wiki Operations Summary on Airtable

  • 🟢 InternetArchiveBot is currently running on 150+ Wikimedia wikis.
  • 🟢 We have moved the management interface to a new server. Please start using instead of Please let us know if anything broke during this process.
  • 🟡 Testing is stalled on Japanese Wikipedia (ja).
  • 🔴 Bot is approved but disabled indefinitely pending software improvements on Afrikaans Wikipedia (af), Bulgarian Wikipedia (bg), French Wikipedia (fr),, Polish Wikipedia (pl), and Portuguese Wikipedia (pt)

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