Some people are trying to promote the use of IRC on Wikimedia projects.

The main objective is to make of IRC a primary way of communication between wikimedians, and, if possible, to embed the chat into Wikimedia, allowing users to access the chat through a browser, without installing an IRC client (like in or


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  • Spare server resources spent on talk pages;
  • Prote real-time dialog, to speed up coordination and improve assistance;
  • Spread the use of chat to welcome and guide newbies that dont have an IRC client installed


  • There is no "official" log of the chats, so any decision may be contested.
  • There is no linkage between user authentication on wikimedia projects and wikimedia's IRC channels.


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Here are listed all the projects of integrating IRC chat into the en:mediawiki software:

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Excerpt: I guess it might help to implement a gateway to an IRC-like forum which is not only accessible from most web browsers, but is also closely integrated with MediaWiki. Perhaps a chat room could be plonked into a talk page like a template, say {{chat:vfd}} to include a java applet accessing a chat room about VFD. -- Tim Starling 15:06, Jul 19, 2004 (UTC)

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