Shannon McNaught is the Senior Security Specialist for Axia SuperNet Ltd and has more than 15 years of extensive experience within the Information Technology industry. He has focused his energies to the security aspects within IT and with a primary focus on the implementation, monitoring and maintenance of enterprise technical security controls.

Shannon is known for applying sound logic and methodologies to all aspects of his security responsibilities and directly complimenting his extensive technical capabilities relating to the integration and management of firewalls, perimeter defences, hacker exploits, TCP/IP protocols and utilization of open source software. His component skill set and technical and non-technical knowledge has made him a truly reliable security resource. Shannon is highly regarded in the security community and is a frequent advisor to law enforcement agencies regarding technical matters.

Shannon is on the Board of Directors for the Security Professionals Information Exchange, is a founding member and technical liaison of the Western Canadian Chapter of the High Tech Crimes Investigation Association and actively involved with charity groups and not for profit organizations such as the "Magic of Christmas". He is also an active member of the Information Systems Security Association. Shannon is the founder of ChekMate, a Technical Focus Group dedicated to the development of Security Professionals within Southern Alberta.


smcnaught / at / as smcnaught on channels #ChekMate, #SynIRC, #linux, #infosec

MediaWiki ExtensionsEdit

Quick little extension that shows the number of quests and the number of registered users online.

My Portal is a MediaWiki hack, it is NOT a MediaWiki extension, that allows users to have a custom portal page like MyGoogle, MyYahoo, etc. It is a modified version of Simplortal.
Description of Simplortal from Simplortal Site:
Simplortal is a portal engine which focuses on simplicity, modularity, and being highly configurable, not only for the administrator, but also for the end user. Users can log in and make their own selection of the content they want to see, and even (if the administrator allows it) add their own HTML blocks, RSS feeds, etc.

My Blog is a MediaWiki extension that allows a blogger to the user's menu. It allows each user to have the capabilities to create blog entries and to have their blog entries listed under the "Most Recent Blogs" from the Navigation Menu.

I have modified xmlQuiz (by Jon Thomas) to work within the MediaWiki framework. Now this is not a true extension as what I did was placed a MediaWiki wrapper around the xmlQuiz.

I have modified the DynamicArticleList.php extension to work with PHP4 and added a new BLOG list to work with my blog implementation.

Simple extension to set up client side image maps using URL or Uploaded Mediawiki images/maps.

MediaWiki/PJIRC is a Mediawiki hack. It provides the MediaWiki framework around the PJIRC Interface.

This extension allows the wiki server to pull the status page, the host summary or the service summary from your Nagios server. This extension was designed so that the Nagios server could be located on a remote server.

The TabbedData extension allows tabular data to be easily cut-and-pasted into a Wiki; for example, this allows an export from Excel to be pasted in without having to manually edit it into Wiki table syntax. Originally written by User:JohanTheGhost
  • I have modified the extension to allow wiki text.

Modified the Simple IRC RC Bot created by Thrasher6670. This bot does not require ircii. It is completely self contained. It displays recent changes of your wiki to an IRC channel.