History of Wikipedia/Articles by and about Larry Sanger

Larry Sanger was (with Jimbo Wales) a cofounder of Wikipedia. He was paid by Bomis (Jimmy Wales' company) to organize the project (while simultaneously acting as editor-in-chief of Nupedia), which he did until funding for this position ran out in January, 2002, after the Internet bubble burst.

Larry's own contributions to Meta-Wikipedia (which is another of his ideas, as it happens) can be found at Larry's columns. One contributor also prised out the following from an old Wikipedia talk page, though Larry never intended this to stand on its own: Larry's Big Reply (originally on en:Creationism/Talk), aka "The Ten Point Plan", or, "We should not impose our values on other thinking people."

Larry's tendency to state and defend his interpretation of Wikipedia policy forthrightly--and to criticize roundly those whom he believed to be undermining the project--won him both defenders and vocal detractors. By fall 2001 and occasionally in 2002 he was embroiled in often acrimonious controversies with various people who disapproved of the way that he used his authority, and sometimes of the fact that he had any authority at all. Some Wikipedians have voiced their concern that evidence of such controversy be preserved for historical purposes, and so it can still be seen here: