This page is a translated version of the page Help:Renaming users and the translation is 6% complete.

This is a tutorial for the Special:RenameUser tool which only stewards and global renamers have access to (although bureaucrats on individual wikis used to perform this task).

  • DO check the box "利用者ページと会話ページ (およびそれらの下位ページ) を新しい名前に移動" if it should be moved e.g. if you rename a user. If you rename a vandal/impostor the old userpage is most likely vandalism, so delete it before (or afterwards) but don't forget to delete the redirect if you decide to move anything that should not redirect to the new username.
  • DO NOT usurp any accounts that have made contributions.
    • Exception: Destructive (vandalism/spamming/trolling) accounts.

Renaming an account

This is the renaming interface. The "現在の利用者名:" is the account that needs to be renamed. The "新しい利用者名:" is the account that the user has requested. Write a reason for renaming in the third dialog box. If necessary, check the box that says "利用者ページと会話ページ (およびそれらの下位ページ) を新しい名前に移動". You can check the ⧼renameuser-submit-blocklog⧽ before renaming. Clicking the 変更 button will initiate the rename.
This is a warning prior to the rename but it does not always show up.
Check the box that says "はい、利用者名を変更します" to attempt a rename despite the warning.
This is an error message that is shown when the account name is in use. You will need to "usurp" the account as shown below.


This is the rename interface. Notice that the "現在の利用者名:" is the target from the section above. In the "新しい利用者名:" box the word "(usurped)" has been added to "Old Account" to indicate that it is being moved out of the way to make room for "New Account".
This is a warning that sometimes appears before the rename. Check the box that says "はい、利用者名を変更します" to continue with the usurpation.
This is the notice of a successful usurpation. You have made it possible to rename "New Account" to "Old Account", which will be the next step.
This is the warning prior to the rename, but it does not show up all the time. Check the box that says "はい、利用者名を変更します" to continue with the usurpation.
This is the notice of the successful rename. The task is complete.