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As a Board member of Wikimedia Argentina, a member of Wikimedia Uruguay, WikiMujeres and Wikimedia Spain, I usually collaborate to organize editathons every month. For example, next week I am travelling to Rosario City to teach editing at the University of Rosario. Editathon Women in Architecture 2017 and I don't have a laptop to work there.

I am administrator at Wikiquote and I am currently working three times a week at the Hospital Alvear in Buenos Aires, with my proyect Grants:Project/Rapid/Jaluj/Wikiquote at the hospital teaching patients how to edit Wikiquote. When the computer at the hospital does not work we cannot do anything because my latop was broken when I came back from Wikimania and I could not replace it.

I use to contribute to Wikipedia in Spanish but I also contribute in other languajes. I have 41680 edits in 27 projects. At Es Wikipedia I participate in all activities. I've been also working with the Community Health and Harasment Working Group with Karen & Patrick during 2016.

I write my own blog about Wikipedia and Wikimedia’s activities, I use to write in other blogs, like here or the blog of Wikimedia Argentina, for example ¿A qué llamamos brecha de género en Wikipedia?(What do we call gender gap in Wikipedia) or the blog of the Foundation, like this article.

I also upload photos to Wikimedia Commons and I've created images and logos like this logo. I have also created learning patterns like the Guía con criterios para evaluar artículos en un concurso (Guide with criteria to evaluate articles in a contest).

I usually upload material about Wikimedia projects to FB, blogs, youtube. I’ve uploaded videos to Youtube in the Wikimujeres channel talking about the gender gap in Wikipedia like Wikipedia ¿es cosa de hombres? (Wikipedia is a thing of men?)

I like to go to Wikimedia's activities. I've been at Wikimania Mexico 2015 and Esino Lario 2016, at WikiWomen Camp 2012, at Iberoconf, and I need a laptop to work when I go to this meeting. Many members of Wikimedia Argentina are going to Wikimedia Conference in Berlin but I am not coming.

Affected projectsEdit

  • Wikipedia in Spanish.
  • Wikiquote in Spanish.
  • Wikimedia Commons.

Work you're proud ofEdit

  • In 2015 I’ve created Wikiproyecto:Mujeres, We already are 80 users working and in 2016, I’ve also created the Wikiproyecto:Mujeres en la arquitectura, (Wikiproject Women in Architecture) with many activities on line and off line. When I began there were only 2% of women architects’s biographies and now we have reached 10,4% of women architects biographies, surpassing the mean of women architects in the global Wikipedia.
  • I am very proud about the creation of two Wikiproyects in two different languages in 2016: Wikiproyect Women in Serbian and albanian. Wikiwomen and sr:Википедија:Википројекат Жена. I talked to user:Margott, from Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group], and to user:Bojana Wiki PG, from the user group of Wikimedians of Republic of Srpska, about gender gap and I proposed them to create Wikiprohect Women in their own languages. With Margott we began working on Përdoruesja:Wikiwomen to improve Women Biographies at sq.Wikipedia and with Bojana Wiki PG we already created together the Wikiproyect Women in Serbian.


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You are encouraged to track the impact this equipment has helped you make. This encourages WMF to donate more hardware.

Thanks to the laptop that you gave me, I could participate in the editathons that I organize and in all the activities of Wikimedia. The only drawback is that the laptop didn't have the programs available. I can't use the word, the excel, the power point, the pdf, I can't edit photos or videos. When I wanted to update it and download the programs I was asked for a password from the administrator that I didn't have. I tried all the passwords I could think of, including "administrator" without any result. Therefore the laptop only allows me to edit online. Anyway, I believe that this is an excellent program and should be continued because there are many users around the world for whom buying a laptop is inaccessible.

Without the laptop I wouldn't have been able to create Inter WikiWomen Collaboration or Wikitherapy. Thanks to the laptop I could be able to communicate online and I am building a community of editors in Dominican Republic.

Here you have a list of some of the events where I used the laptop:

That is the list of events that I organized myself, but there are a lot of other events organized by WMA or other where I also contributed. Moreover I created dozens of new articles and I edited pages in Facebook and other networks related to wikimedia activities.

I could also created

Moreover, the laptop allowed me to connect with dozens of wikipedian around the world via e mail to organize activities and exchanges and participate in community voting. --Jalu (talk) 13:28, 21 February 2019 (UTC)