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Dasbor Hack4OpenGLAM

Hakaton budaya Hack4OpenGLAM gumelar taun 2020 di Creative Commons Global Summit. AvoinGLAM (pokja réréongan GLAM jeung [$3 Wikimédia Finlandia], Open Knowledge Finland, jeung [$5 Creative Commons Finlandia]) bakal digelar deui taun 2021. Acarana ngawengku poé lokakarya, disusul tepus ku tilu poé gawé bébas dina mangsa KTT CC lumangsung, sarta karia'an minangka pungkasan.

Naon ari Hack4OpenGLAM?

Hack4OpenGLAM téh acara makarya réréongan pikeun ngahanca Aksés Nembrak pikeun warisan budaya. Acarana ngahijikeun komunitas kontén, propésional GLAM, bobotoh warisan budaya nembrak, pencipta digital, jeung pangembang parabot atawa platporm – ti nu anyar nepi ka manukna – pikeun diajar, migawé, jeung nyieun réréongan.

Kapapakan pangaweruh

In 2021, Hack4OpenGLAM focused on knowledge equity – highlighting knowledge of individuals, communities, and cultures who have been left out of the spotlight of history, decolonizing cultural historical collections, and acknowledging responsible ways of sharing information online openly.


Even between official events, it is possible to participate in the Hack4OpenGLAM projects.

Propose a project to work on, join others in their project, bring the content of you institution and your expertise of the subject matter to the event, or come and support those who wish to use your tools.

You can participate in many ways

The work starts already

  Registration Start by registering you project, tool, collection, or just yourself! Register now!
  Community platform Collaboration has already started on the community platform and it continues throughout the hackathon in September. Participating projects get dedicated channels where they can start working together and growing communities around their projects!
  Weekly meetups We are meeting to chat about Hack4OpenGLAM projects every Thursday. Join us on the call on Thursdays at 1 pm UTC.
  Dashboard Hack4OpenGLAM Dashboard introduces the people and the projects at the event. It is a matchmaking place for the participants and a showcase of open content and projects. The dashboard shows the progression of the projects in real-time and preserves the results after the event.
  The hackathon starts and ends with a live event The first day of the hackathon (20 September) is dedicated to live workshops, discussions, and project pitches. After three days of independent hacking on the community platform, the crowd will again convene for the live Final Gala (24 September).

The team

Hack4OpenGLAM is produced by AvoinGLAM / Creative Commons Finland in collaboration with the OpenGLAM Platform at Creative Commons, and supported by a Conference Grant from the Wikimedia Foundation.

We will list the members of the team, the facilitators, and the global ambassadors here.

How you can help

How you can volunteer

On this page you can find different tasks that are available for volunteers.

Help translate Hack4OpenGLAM messages!

Regional ambassadors will lead the effort to make Hack4OpenGLAM known in different parts of the world, and in different languages. You can help to translate this page and other key messages to your language.