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​Helping Give Away Psychological Science (HGAPS pronounced as two syllables: "H-Gaps") is a student-based non-profit (501c3) that is dedicated to helping the best information about psychological science reach the people who would benefit. HGAPS aims to bridge the gap between students, clinicians, researchers, and the public by creating and spreading accessible and free resources. We bring together students and content experts to gather and present the best information about psychological science to the people who would benefit. ​We aim to link Wikipedia (and Google) with high quality resources and information about psychological science, improving the next generation of training, and creating tools that help practitioners and researchers.

Plans and activitiesEdit

A notable list of our activities are as follows:

  • We have worked on a set of more than 200 pages on Wikiversity focused on psychological assessment (views here)

A complete list of our current and past projects can be found:

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  1. Eyoungstrom
  2. Hkim243
  3. Emmagch
  4. Logan520
  5. Eldeane
  6. Ithaker
  7. Jenny_rogers98
  8. Whfulbri
  9. Banawan
  10. Taylorla
  11. Vgarg98
  12. Obliviblob
  13. Averyrw
  14. Bellete_Lu
  15. Asdevinney
  16. Brikaug
  17. Morgananvari
  18. Htralka
  19. Cdreww
  20. Cody naccarato
  21. Jsark01
  22. Adodell
  23. Keb816
  24. Thalia0508.
  25. Cicerritos
  26. Taelonum
  27. Gracemchen911
  28. Shruthigopalan
  29. Alyssabrostowin
  30. Inkrein
  31. Alexandramoorehead
  32. NickFogg
  33. Aaloeb12
  34. Sydneyhjames
  35. Eanderson8
  36. Arvm
  37. Joshal
  38. Ncharamut
  39. Cpb012
  40. JTM195
  41. Chloebryen
  42. Ongmianli
  43. Carogvinc8
  44. matth912
  45. Amejiaur
  46. Juliaiac
  47. Tli3211
  48. taylorla
  49. emilydumont
  50. empender
  51. Jadependleton18
  52. lydiaolympia
  53. krenfan
  54. Einsteinium812
  55. Kyliej35
  56. ekim0612
  57. UncMargar
  58. Lklitz
  59. Akdepollo
  60. Mark D Worthen PsyD
  61. Csisc
  62. Jeharmon7
  63. Duolanga

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Becoming a memberEdit

Infographic guide of how to join the H-GAPS Wikimedia user group.

Anyone can become a member of the Helping Give Away Psychological Science User Group! There are a few ways to become a member:

  • Writing us by email at HGAPSClub@gmail.com;
  • Expressing your interest on our Discussion page.

Organizations and colleges who want to support Helping Give Away Psychological Science can also become affliates or national chapters.

Please contact our membership team by email if you have any other questions.

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