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Hi NahidSultan. Thank you for this detailed grant request. We are happy to support the community in Bangladesh to organize Wiki Loves Monuments 2016. We have a couple of questions below and look forward to your response.

  1. You propose to use 1,500 photos of the 2,000 uploaded to Commons on Wikimedia projects. This is a 75% usage rate, which is very high. Typically an ambitious target is 25%. However, it is great if you are planning activities (editathons, writing contest, etc.) during and after the contest to encourage contributors to add photos to articles. For your reference, the usage rate from the 2014 photo contest is 6.35%.
  1. There is a considerable amount of swag included in addition to the prize money -- mugs, t-shirts, calendars, etc. Please pick one of these to use as a tool for promotion and rewards.

Looking forward to you responses. Cheers, Alex Wang (WMF) (talk) 21:02, 24 August 2016 (UTC)Reply

  • Thank you Alex. Sorry, that was a mistake, I meant to add 500 (fixed now). The previous photography contest was first ever photo related contest in Bangladesh and the scope of the contest was broad. Though almost all photos uploaded are useful, a very little are used that's because of the maintenance that needs experienced volunteers to find the appropriate articles to put the image. We are still encouraging volunteers to look for image in those cats. However on the other hand, this photography contest has specific scope; we're participating this year's WLM with govt. listed archaeological sites only. Only few monuments have their own image & articles on Wikipedia. We're also planning a article contest specifically for these archaeological sites hopefully in December thus chances are high that contest image will be used in the newly created articles.
  • Actually mugs will be given only to the 10 winners. T-shirts, pen and calendars will be used as promotional materials. As WLM is new in Bangladesh, without a huge promotion we can't actually get much attention. We've partnered with 7 local photography clubs for that purpose. In their usual photo-walk and meetups, They'll promote wlm and encourage within their community to participate the contest. Besides those photography clubs, WMBD has 3 very active divisional communities, they'll also organize events to encourage people in their region to participate. 50 T-shirts and 100 pens will be used for those promotional events. Calendar will be made after the contest with the best image(s) and will be given to the volunteers involved in the contest as a token for their hard works and some of them will be given to interested organizations & will try to convince them to join with us in the coming years. Best, ~ Nahid Talk 09:58, 25 August 2016 (UTC)Reply
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