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Hi Aktron.Thank you for this interim report! We have a number of follow-up questions below:

  1. It's great that you met with the Vice Mayor of Prague's 10 District. What was the purpose of the meeting? Are there any actionable outcomes from the meeting?
  2. How is the chapter using and promoting the new promotional videos?
  3. Are there notes/lessons from the media cooperation education workshops? It's a very important topic for most chapters and it would be great if any helpful tips could be shared either on your wiki, through a blog post, or a Learning Pattern.
  4. There are great links on the workshop page to several photography how-to pages. Can we translate the pages and either make them into Learning Patterns or add information to the already existing photography Learning Patterns here and here? (note that you will be asked to create learning patterns as a part of your final report)
  5. Great to hear that Jagro posted a report on his participation at CEE on the internal wiki. What were some of the stories he shared about WMCZ that seemed to resonate most with the other participants? Did he bring back any learnings to WMCZ regarding volunteer engagement? Editathons?
  6. What are the "new models of editing events" that were discussed at the Mois de Contribution?
  7. We're sorry to hear that participation in editathons seems to be such a challenge. Hopefully the new models will help. Do you have a sense of what your active editors are most interested in writing about? Have you considered themed editathons based on member/volunteer interest? Have you run a geo-located editor survey on the Czech Wikipedia to find out what kind of activities people are most interested in? Also, if folks don't seem to want to attend editathons, another way to support quality content generation is through online writing competitions. Wikimedia Estonia has a great model for these types of competitions and would be a good resources.
  8. It's great that the community in Brno is so active! Do you know why this is?

Looking forward to your responses. Alex Wang (WMF) (talk) 01:08, 2 February 2015 (UTC)Reply

Alex, I do understand that the report and the current situation can raise some eyebrows. The answers are following:
  1. We basically informally presented the chapter to her. This was based on good relations from the past. The vice-mayor (now a member of Czech Senate) was responsible in providing us with the office in the past. One of the outomes of our mutual cooperation was for example a study that was prepared in the Senate and that analyzed very closely the current copyright situation, the course that was taken by various GLAM institution when it comes to "liberating" various artwork etc. We do believe we will be able to cooperate on this level in the future. See the blogpost (Czech only: [1]).
  2. The promotional videos were for example on a public display during the 2014 Wiki Conference in Brno and we promoted these through all the channels we had.
  3. The organizer in this field was Vojtěch Dostál. The Media Workshop was related to the 300 000 articles milestone on Czech Wikipedia. (that we passed in July 2014). There were main topics: How to write a good press release, how to communicate with media properly and how to provide for them an attractive content. I copied notes of Vojtěch Dostál and these are available here (Czech Only): [2]
  4. That is a very good idea indeed! I hope we can start working on that soon.
  5. We do have a 13kB long report about the event that is not for public use. I do believe (as far as I am involved) that we learned about the intention to do the Gender gap issue and the CEE Spring... a contest that we will participate in and we already have our first partner (Polish Institute). There were also interesting discussions about FDC and what we wanted to get as an information was the current policy of the Wiki chapters when it comes to promotion on FB, but so far no conclusion was done (and I already contacted the Foundation with an effort to get some more insights on this).
  6. In January 2015 we for example had a very nice GLAM session where we strengthened our partnership with other institutions. There was a bio-luminescent night that took place in the Faculty of Science and we also had a session where about 1500 translations to Czech and 300 to Serbian were made. But the major idea was to make the events on a periodic basis, so it will be easier for people to participate. Right now we are discussing about making an editathon about Japan and Japanese culture...
  7. Thank you for the comments. I will contact Wikimedia Estonia about some possible info about this issue. But so far the problem might be in a fact that we need to get a better reach for the promotion of our events; the promotion should start earlier (than 7-14 days in advance) and we should target more people. We cooperate with other NGO's (like EDUin) when it comes to promotion of the events. The Municipal Library in Prague is also a good institution that is very friendly towards us and would like to provide space for various sessions, if necessary.
  8. I would just say that the guys are great, they have enough time to do events and their cooperation with educational institutions is superb. --Aktron (talk) 09:00, 2 February 2015 (UTC)Reply

Hi Aktron. Thanks for your responses. It would be great if the notes from the media workshop could be expanded a bit and made available in an accessible way for more members of the chapter. If you or Vojtěch see anything important missing from the Learning Pattern on Let the Media Know, please do improve it. Having more regular themed events with more advanced notice is definitely a good next step in trying to increase participation. Partnering with the Municipal Library is also a good strategy, as they can do outreach to more people and provide references easily. Hopefully you'll get some good advice from Wikimedia Estonia. Please do let me know if you ever want to discuss any ideas! Cheers, Alex Wang (WMF) (talk) 17:56, 2 February 2015 (UTC)Reply

Price of heating edit

What is the number 960 for heating in Budget total. In the proposal I can see that budget for heating is 3.840 EUR?--Juandev (talk) 08:03, 13 April 2015 (UTC)Reply

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