Welcome back from Wikimania 2015!


That's me at the WikiWomen's lunch, seated, holding the Wikimania backpack.
That's me at the Hackathon, seated, wearing black, just to the right of center.




What was one useful outcome that was created at the event for the Wikimedia movement?

There were three, each tied in a way with the other two: While at Wikimania, I co-founded WikiProject Women in Red‎ with user:Victuallers (we had planned on this for months), coordinating the project design during Wikimania with members from WikiProject X who launched it for us. When I arrived at Wikimania, I spoke with members of the Affiliations Committee about the application process for a women's User Group, and within a couple of days, user:Keilana, user:FloNight (my Wikimania roommate), and I co-founded the WikiWomen's User Group. Immediately after returning home from Wikimania, I co-founded WikiProject Women with user:Dr. Blofeld.


I had meaningful interactions with many people including user:CFCF, user:Dungodung, user:FloNight, user:Harej, user:Heatherawalls, user:Isarra, user:Jaluj, user:Jtmorgan, user:Kaitymh, user:Keilana, user:Kirill Lokshin, user:KTC, user:Mariel García M, user:Maximilianklein, user:Mrjohncummings, user:Msannakoval, Naureen Nayyar, user:Netha Hussain, user:Ocaasi, user:Phoebe, user:Pine, user:Psanchez820, user:Rachel.dicerbo, user:Ragesoss, user:Roxyuru, user:sadads, user:Sandra Fauconnier, user:Sanna Hirvonen, user:Seeeko, user:Thelmadatter, user:Valerietai, user:Varnent, user:Wotancito, user:WereSpielChequers, and others. Some of the conversations included Wikipedian-in-Residence opportunities, WikiProject design, Teahouse, Request for Adminship, User Groups, international editathons, and content gender gap. Several interactions were centered around coordianting international events; the first of these international efforts occurred a couple of weeks after Wikimania during WMMX's editatona. I discussed with an editor some potential work with a library coalition centered in the area where I live. I met with editors representing various User Groups to learn how they functioned and to discuss potential cross-cultural activities with them and the WikiWomen User Group. After hours, I spent time with many, many Wikipedians, eating, drinking, talking about all things related to Wikimedia. Often, our after-hours encounters didn't include keeping our name badges on, and I'm sad I don't remember everyone's name (I need to do a better job documenting that at my next Wikimania); we were just "in the moment" and it didn't seem to matter who was who.

Anything elseEdit

Slides from our presentation on content gender gap, Featured Speaker track.
I'm at the podium and Roger Bamkin is on the far right screen, skyped in.
During the presentation, I compared statistics between Wikipedia's content gender gap and that of Diccionario biográfico, geográfico e histórico de Venezuela (1957).

Approximately 50 people attended the Featured Speakers track where Roger Bamkin (user:Victuallers; skyped in) and I presented on content gender gap. We differentiated between editor gender gap and content gender gap; provided a historical perspective on Wikipedia's content gender gap and that of an 1957 publication, Diccionario biográfico, geográfico e histórico de Venezuela; reviewed 10 years of DYK content gender gap statistics; and discussed how the Wikidata work (WIGI Index) of Max Klein and others (an earlier presentation) coordinated with our efforts. We announced an ambitious roadplan for improving on Wikipedia's content gender gap, such as creating a WikiProject (XX, renamed Women in Red) and User Group (WikiWomen) during Wikimania, centralizing/coordinating international editathons, centralizing press/scholarly article links, and so on. We hope to be invited to present our 1 year report at Wikimania 2016, chronicling our successes and lessons-learned.

I attended every presentation I could, sometimes leaving in the middle of one so that I could get to another. It was exhausting but worth the effort as there were so many interesting talks on the schedule. Two standouts were the Ally's Workshop, which furthered attendees' understanding of how to deal with online relationships within Wikimedia, and the simultaneous translation which occurred at so many presentations, including at the "La brecha digital: una respuesta plural" panel discussion.

I tweeted (@RosieStepGood) throughout Wikimania: 97 tweets. I took many photos.