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Welcome back from Wikimania 2018!


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Wikimania 2018 was my first conference which was really enjoyable and got me opportunity to learn new things and building friendship with other Wikipedians from the different parts of the world. However, after back from the conference I shared my experiences with my community people through a daylong workshop on Santali language, its script and Santali Wikipedia on 24 August 2018 at Huzrapur High School under Godagari sub district of Rajshahi district in Bangladesh. Please follow the LINK where I have posted some pictures.

Another important thing is during the conference I was contributing Santali Wikipedia which was on incubator stage and I talked and discussed about the development of the project with wikimedians I meet at Wikimania. And just after one week when I come back from Cape Town, the Santali Wikipedia was being created on 2nd August 2018. Here are two news link among many news published on newspaper and magazine: (1) Hindustan Times (2) উইকিবার্তা


  • User:Satdeep Gill - Satdeep and me had several discussions on Santali Wikipedia. I really again wanted to thank him for his helping and suggestions for developing Santali Wikipedia. We also did punjabee dance together during the happy hour of the conference which feel me more connected and building friendship for future activities related to Wikipedia.
  • User:NahidSultan - Though I meet Nahid several times in my country but I found him very helpful and he actually assist or guided me to understanding things happened during the conference as well as doing necessary tasks to become live the Santali Wikipedia.
  • User:Atudu - I heard from her about the project on Wiki Loves Butterfly. Her project was an inspiration for taking projects like her in future.
  • User:Amire80 - A wonderful man who inspired me to do work for Wikipedia.
  • User:Bodhisattwa -Bengali Wikipedian from India who invited me India and offered me to help if I want any assistant to organise any kind of meetup with Santal people in India.
  • User:Kritzolina - During the conference she guided me and gave me lot of suggestions to do better with Wikipedia projects. She also thank me for working with an indigenous language. I also shared my thoughts with her.

Anything elseEdit

The below pictures were taken by me which was uploaded on Wikimedia Commons.