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Nurunnaby Chowdhury (Hasive)

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This was my 4th Wikimania. I always try to learn more and share my experience with my fellow Wikim(p)edians when I meet in person. It is always a pleasure to meet and interact and learn. This Wikimania is really one of the best Wikimania for me. I was meet so many people and discuss so many issues that related to Bangladesh. During the pre-conference days, I spent most of the time in the Hackathon area to diversify my learning. I meet with Bodhisattwa and we discuss more Wikidata project Bangladesh. Also, I learn more about Wikidata. I write regular news, take the photo and all news published Bangladeshi leading news portal Bangla Tribune. As a member of program commitee, I try to attend most of the event that we selected.

From starting the day I write everyday news for Bengali news portal [1][2][3][4]. After back from Wikimania I write a big story about this Wikimania for a monthly ICT magazine. The article published this month as a feature story of that magazine. During the Wikimania, I shared stories, events, and experiences that I gathered through social media, especially on Twitter.

Experienced Shared

After back to Bangladesh I share my experience and learning with my local fellow Wikipedians at [Dhaka Meetup].

New Creation and Learning

  • Started Wikiproject Bangladesh and discuss more with Asaf and Sandra Fauconnier about the projects.
  • Join Wikimedia Asia Meetup
  • We discussed planning for ESEAP conference 2019 and proposal for Wikimedia SAARC 2020 conference in Bangladesh.
  • Started a new project about Women First.
  • Meet with Kiwix people and share plan how Bengali Wikipedia included on this project.
  • Discuss with James Heilman about the Internet in a box. He gives me a device that will help me to experiment in Bangladesh.
  • With our others, Bengali Wikipedian’s I co-organized the Bengali Wikipedians' meetup, where Bengali Wikipedians and Wikimedians from Bangladesh and India participated and discussed way on enhancing and developing quality medical contents int he Bengali Wikipedia as well as scholarly contents at Bengali Wikimedians meetup
  • Attend Wikitongues Video Interviews
  • Join Wikidata Meetup
  • Meet with Felix Nartey and discuss how to work on more about wikipedia library and GLAM project in Bangladesh.


  • Felix Nartey: We discussed Wikipedia library, planning to start Women first project, discuss GLAM project and collaboration.
  • Bodhisattwa Mandal: We discussed and exchanged ideas about Wikidata and planning to work on Wikidata:Wikiproject Bangladesh.
  • Biplab Anand: We discussed and decided to organize an online Edit-a-thon event focusing Bangla and Nepali Wikipedia community aiming to create women related articles of both countries.
  • Satdeep Gill: We discussed outreach program.
  • Saqib Khan: We mostly exchange our ideas on Wiki Loves, Wikipedia event and so many issues.
  • Bijay Chaurasia: Discussed about photo.
  • Ananya Mondal: Discussed about WLB.
  • Sumit Surai: We discussed community dynamics and how we can organize more offline events in a planned way in West Bengal.
  • Krishna Chaitanya Velaga: Meet with first time and discussed more Wikipedia library and Wikipedia Military projects.
  • Prachatos Mitra: Discussed Wikidata technical issues.
  • Netha Hussain: Discussed medicathe l article.
  • Rehman: How to collaborate with Sri Lankan Wikipedian and working on more.
  • Sailesh Patnaik: Discussed the various projects.
  • Subhashish Panigrahi: Talk about commons, and few new ideas that will help a lot local community as wel as Wiki movement.
  • Reem Al-Kashif: Discussed Wikipedia Education program.

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