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Welcome back from Wikimania 2015!


Dineshkumar Ponnusamy



Shared ExperienceEdit

It's my first Wikimania, met plenty of global users and made some memorable connections.

In Tamil Wiki community

Dineshkumar Ponnusamy/விக்கிமேனியா 2015

New CreationEdit

I met plenty of users and volunteers from various global community. Got few requests from fellow Wiki-medians.

Templates Creation for RTL (Right to Left Languages)
  • Learnt the RTL template creation process from Eran Roz
  • Created first template for RTL (Western Punjabi Wikipedia)
Content Translation Feedback
Mobile Design Feedback
  • Provided the feedback with the list of features required
  • Reported some bugs in direct with video
  • Noted down few links which needs to be translated for Tamil
Eastern and Western Punjabi Transliteration from Satdeep Gill
  • Found some tool ( to perform Reverse Transliteration (Tamil -> English and English -> Tamil)
  • Need to workout the same replica for Eastern -> English (optional) -> Western and Vice versa
  • Am in progress of making a POC to achieve this
Predictive Text feature for Tamil from Thamizhpparithi Maari
  • Learnt few techniques from Language Engineering Team (Santosh, Kartik, Runa)
  • Got the jQuery.IME source code
  • Found some tools for Mobile (Indic keyboard and other tools)
  • In progress of searching and making the predictive text feature with desktop for Tamil Language (can be extended later)
An uploading tool for uploading big size images to Wiki Commons with slower internet connection from Netha Hussain
  • Got the rough design
  • Made some algorithms to start with
Wiki Rickshaw
  • Found good response and support from other wikimedians for this project initiated in late 2014
  • Similar proposal made for Wiki Bus
  • Requested help to animation team from Mexico to help with my Wiki Bus concept
  • Requested Thelma to help with animations


Anything elseEdit

Before Wikimania 2015Edit

  • Once I received scholarship, I just contacted other Wikimedians from my local community( to understand the full process of Wikimania 2015. I got introduced to other participants from India. Understood the community co-ordination while obtaining the Mexican Visa, it was not at all easy task for any Indian.
  • Got a chance to participate in the MWTTT 2015 and gave a few minute session on Wikimania 2015. Learnt about Etherpad and met Shiva and his team who is working on digitizing the Kannada scripts for Sanchaya, Samooha and Pustaka projects.
  • In continuation with MWTTT 2015, got a chance to curate WeAreWikipedia account in Twitter
  • Informed about Posters and Leaflets in all 22 Indic Wiki Projects and created Posters and displayed in Wikimedia India Booth during Wikimania 2015.

During Wikimania 2015Edit

After Wikimania 2015Edit

  • Got plenty of connections globally.
  • Planning for Wiki Conference 2016, as an outcome of Wikimania 2015 Indic Meetup
  • Participating in Wikipedia Asian Month
  • Participating in Natural World Editathon 2015 is going to be held on August 1,2
  • Participating in Tamil Virtual University Conference which is going to be held on August 8,9
  • Found some tools for Predictive Text feature in Tamil
  • Volunteering for WikiConference India 2016, a pilot project for Wikimania 2019 in India