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Team Bangkok 2020

Welcome back from Wikimania 2019!



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Option 3: New Creation: What was one useful outcome that was created at the event for the Wikimedia movement?
  • ESEAP Strategy Summit 2019 and Wikimedia Thailand's Strategy Salon 2019: We team up between Wikimedia Thailand and ESEAP team to prepare to be the host for Wikimania 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • I also created at least 2 new diversity-related Wikiprojects on Thai Wikipedia. And reached 100 WikiProjects on Thai Wikipedia in this time.


  • With Bohdan Melnychuk (Ukrainian Wikimedian): He teach me a lot of technical skills.
  • With Butch Bustria (Filipino Wikimedian) and Robert Myers (Australian Wikimedian): They are Wikimania 2020 conference organizers. They also help me a lot of activities including ESEAP conference and prepare for Wikimania in Thailand.
  • With Wikimedians of Indonesia and Google team: We talk together about collaboration between Wikipedia and Google. (From this meeting I think that knowledge panel and fundraising are useful.)
  • With Takashi Ota (Japanese Wikimedian): He have Japanese library knowledge. We talk together about diversity at Arlanda Airport.

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Thank you for Wikimedia Foundation