User:B20180/ESEAP Conference 2018 Report

Welcome back from ESEAP Conference 2018 !



th.wikipedia, Thai language sister projects, Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedians I metEdit

Jaturawit Rodcheewan at ESEAP Conference 2018
Takashi Ota at ESEAP Conference 2018
Athikhun Suwannakhan at ESEAP Conference 2018
Punchalee Montriwat at ESEAP Conference 2018
ShangKuan Liang-chih at ESEAP Conference 2018
  • User:RaymondSutanto : He is my roommate. We shared experience together as admin on sister projects.
  • User:Athikhun.suw : We talk together about photo contest activities in Thailand. We plan to invite new contestants more than previous years.
  • User:Pilarbini : We talk together about offline activity (Such as connect to museum, Wiki Loves Food photo contest) and select place outside Bangkok.
  • User:2ndoct : We talked about how to write many articles on th.wikipedia both in quality and quantity.
  • User:Motoko C. K. : We talk many things together about Korea which relate to ESEAP conference.
  • User:Takot : We talk together about Wikipedia Asian Month activity and Shogi (Japanese chess) strategy which can make useful skill to plan for this activity in the future.
  • User:Shangkuanlc : He is one of most active user in this activity. We meet together again after Wikimania 2016 conference in Esino Lario, Italy.

Things I learnedEdit

  • Community Outreach : This activity can help for education section by connect to institutes, schools, and libraries. This project can reach to lecturers, students, and librarians in various regions.
  • How To Start and Develop Your User Group : User Group can make movement by active users. We need to positive motivate to them. They are important members. And this User Group can grow up to be Chapter if can make efficiency results.
  • Ups and Downs of Organizations : Efficiency management is important for this organization. Wikimedia Taiwan shared experience about grown up organization.
  • Grants for individuals : These Grants good for activities such as edit-a-thons, contests, and events. Three main things to consider are a clear goal, resources, and measurement of success.
  1. Liang is a Taiwanese who represented to Wikimedia Indonesia for a one week to exchange ideas for this conference.
  2. We think two days offline meeting is too short for this conference.
  3. Location were nominated to be host in 2020 are Taiwan and Thailand. (Maybe we add other choice in the future.)

My plan for the movement in the futureEdit

  1. We plan to impel Wikimedians in Thailand User Group to be a Chapter.
  2. To be a leader who develop admins' potential and relationship in my community.
  3. Recommend about technical section in next conference.

My comments around the conferenceEdit

On behalf of Wikimedians in Thailand User Group, We thanks a lot to Wikimedia Indonesia, the host of this conference.

We wish to make ESEAP region (East, Southeast Asia, and Pacific) to be better.

Thank you for friendship and good memories.