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Wikimania 2018 learning days
Wikimania 2018 Hackathon

Welcome back from Wikimania 2018!



th.wikipedia, Thai language sister projects, Wikimedia Commons


  • "Wikimania 2018 Hackathon" : This is my first Hackathon conference. Furthermore, I also attended as a volunteer photographer. And upload a lot of photographs into Wikimedia Commons.
  • "The Decolonizing Debate: Social Media as Source Archive and Wikipedia" : After I attend this seminar. I created WikiProject Fact and Reference Check on th.wikipedia. I believe this WikiProject can let my community to add many reliable sources.
  • "Wiki Loves Earth 2018 in Thailand" and "Wiki Loves Monuments 2018 in Thailand" : I'm an organizer of photo contests. We have high quality photographs more than thousand photos from these contests. And I'm one of referees on Wiki Loves Monuments 2018 in Thailand.
  • We (Wikimedians in Thailand User Group) began to establish our community as Wikimedia Thailand. We believe this chapter can make effective strategic planning on many sections. As same as the direction of growth in the community. (I led my community to support this establish.)
  • Other :
  1. About audio recording. We have Wikipedia:WikiProject Spoken Wikipedia on th.wikipedia since 2017. And I'm one of members in this WikiProject. Many files from audio recording are useful for deaf people. I began add these files on th.wikipedia and Thai language sister projects when I have a chance.
  2. We glad to let women join in every activities of Thai community. (Both in offline and online). And every admin on th.wikipedia are very open to let volunteers collaborate about diversity section. (Woman, LGBT and disabled can join team with me.) I confirm for this section will grow up both quality and quantity.



  • With Athikhun Suwannakhan (Thai Wikimedian) : We talk together about effort to establish Wikimedia Thailand and photo contest activities.
  • With Bohdan Melnychuk (Ukrainian Wikimedian) : We talk together about Wikimania Hackathon and Wikimedia Hackathon. And he will be a PHP programmer in the future.
  • With ShangKuan Liang-chih (Taiwanese Wikimedian) and Kang-Cheol Lee (South Korean Wikimedian) : We talk together about ESEAP Conference. They had the enthusiastic collaboration and wide-vision.

Anything elseEdit

On behalf of Wikimedians in Thailand User Group, We thanks a lot to Wikimedia South Africa, the host of this conference.

Thank you for friendship and good memories.

We will grow together.


Thank you to Wikimedia Foundation