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Welcome back from Wikimania 2018!


Afifa Afrin

Bangla Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons


To me, Wikimania is the world biggest platform to meet wonderful people around the world, who shares same thoughts and idea to make the world more beautiful, where you can make new friends and collaborate with them and learn new things that can be useful for my community. It was my first Wikimainia and I learnt a lot.

  • Convincing new editors: From the session taken by Alex Stinson, Woubzena Jifar and Dumisani Ndubane for new organizers; I learnt how to motivate new editors. I particularly learnt a lot from Dumisani Ndubane what are the effective ways to convince new editors and work with them effectively.
  • Reducing Gender Gap: Gender gap sessions were beneficial for me. I spoke with Andrea Kleiman about developing content on mental health. She agreed to collaborate with me and have a joint project. Her ideas were wonderful, the experience will be beneficial for my home wiki to reduce gender gap in content.
  • Diversity working group: I was selected for the diversity working group. I attended all the meetings and shared my personal experiences. There I met Astrid, Ivan, Sam and I will devote my time to the diversity working group as promised.

I was also part of several meetups- Asia meetup, Bangla Wikipedian meetup, Wiki data session, Wiki women lunch.

  • Shared Experience: I have also written a blog along with Ibrahim about our experience in Wikimania 2018, it is under process of publishing. Draft blog.
  • New Creation:- Poster presentation: Poster on “Gender- does it matter in conflict” was presented by me. As a gender specialist, I wanted to explore if there any connection between gender and conflict. When I discussed my initial idea with Christel Steigenberger, she happily agreed to join me. So we discussed and planned together to take a survey on this issue. However, we had to do the poster with secondary information based on previous research and did a survey regarding “Gender- does it matter in conflict” during Wikimania. Christel and I, we are working on the report, Ibrahim is also helping us. We hope to share the report soon.


I wish to mention here some of my connection. Most of the connections were made by face to face discussion, and during my survey. I will not mention the real name, but only the user IDs.

Anything elseEdit

Few of the memories of Wikimania 2018:

Pictures that I took during Wikimania can be found here: Wikimania_2018_by_Afifa_Afrin