A Wikimedian since 2013, has 5+ years experience in the field of youth development towards sustaining Gender Equality across the middle east, with diversity in the fields of NGOs and education. Massive experience in managing young volunteers & setting motivational and development programs for them with powerful experience in online & offline project management.

  1. Had been a Wikipedia Education Program Campus Leader from 2013 to 2016,
  2. Trained +200 students and 5 ambassadors in 7 languages courses,
  3. Given +40 workshops including edit-a-thons and training of other volunteers,
  4. Launched the first WikiWomen campaign in the middle east in 2015,
  5. Late 2016, joined UN Women team as a Regional Project Coordinator & Consultant and founder for HerStory campaign,
  6. Designed and submitted workshops for more than 1000 volunteers in less than one year,
  7. Mentored volunteers to write and edit articles on Wikipedia to close the gender knowledge gap,
  8. Launching social media awareness about women rights and gender equality, and open source channels,
  9. Supporting volunteers to sensitize their content and defy the stereotyping of women.

I will never be quite as proud of something as my writing about women”: May Hachem

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