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summaryLeading a 2 hour workshop on 'Develop your functional Mediawiki extension in 80 minutes'
event locationScience Center, Singapore
event date(s)17 -19 March, 2017
amount requested840 922 Eur
home countryBerlin, Germany
submitted on21:02, 4 February 2017 (UTC)

Proposed participation edit

I have been volunteering with developing Mediawiki code since 2013, and always found my time to invite in more developers to contribute to our codebase. This was possible through my interactions with the community as a GSoC student back in 2014 to GSoC mentor in 2015 and later to GSoC org admin in 2016. This particular conference runs few days before the application period of GSoC 2017 starts up. I hope I might be able to inspire couple of young developers there to contirbute to Mediawiki codebase, and probably even make them apply for GSoC or Outreachy (if eligible). It would be probably that they might want to chose Wikimedia foundation to apply to, and hence I think the workshop can be benefecial in attracting in new developers from Asia.

I had run previously couple of hackathons in India at, and at, and we had couple of patchsets and new voluneteers started with Mediawiki codebase.

Goal and expected impact edit

My plan is to run a hands on hackathon on developing a functional extension for Mediawiki from scratch. FOSSASIA meets have a diverse population who might be more or less eligible for outreach events like GSoC or Outreachy, and hence I thought about this hands on session which can be a good starter. I plan to introduce components of MW core such as hooks and notifications, which any typical extension can make use of. I plan to give out a handout which would link the attendees to specific wiki pages on to prepare their extension from scratch, and connect it to the MW core. I also plan to make the participants implement a hook, and a notification, which is doable (from my little past experience on Hackathons, technical crowds do advance fast) - and this is a good enough try.

The aim of the short workshop would be to make the participants excited about developing code for MW, and indirectly collect in better and more applications towards GSoC and Outreachy for Wikimedia in the upcoming round. The application period starts on March 20, and this event would be the best place to attract more potential developers.

Budget breakdown edit

Total: 840 922 Eur -- increase approval and details in [page]

Other instructions edit

It would be great if you can book flights for me, but I can still manage it on my own too. The travel cost can increase on leaving on the night of 20th right after the event, hence I thought about leaving on 21st night. In case the small change (around + 40 eur) is not an issue here, then please book as if I return on 20th night itself, and cut the accommodation by 1 night to 4 nights (16-19th night)

Endorsements edit

  • Tony is a very good technical advocate, currently involved in several Wikimedia projects as a volunteer in a leading role. FOSS Asia is a free software event that we want to know better and possibly target as a main conference to participate in Asia. Having Tony in FOSS Asia is good for him and good for Wikimedia.Qgil-WMF (talk) 09:05, 6 February 2017 (UTC)