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Simple Annual Plan Grants

Annual Plan Grants are only for groups and organizations very closely aligned with Wikimedia’s mission that already have experience managing programs and grant funding.[1]

New applications for Simple Annual Plan Grants are being accepted. Proposals are reviewed on 1 November and 1 May each year.[2]

1. Prepare your application

Submit your request for application form

1. Приготовьте свою заявку

Prepare your application and budget, with support


2. Submit your application

Committee recommendation takes 2–3 weeks[3] Final approval takes 1 week[4]

Окончательное утверждение занимает 1 неделю


Questions? Please email us at simple(_AT_)

  1. If you are an individual or if you don't yet have experience with WMF grants, you should look at Project Grants.
  2. Повторным кандидатам также необходимо будет подать заявку до 1 ноября или 1 мая.
  3. 1. Отправьте свою заявку

  4. Larger grants will take longer for final approval.