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Simple Annual Plan Grants

Annual Plan Grants are only for groups and organizations very closely aligned with Wikimedia’s mission that already have experience managing programs and grant funding.[1]

New applications for Simple Annual Plan Grants are being accepted. Proposals are reviewed on 1 November and 1 May each year.[2]

1. Prepare your application

2. अपना आवेदन भेजें

  • Committee recommendation takes 2–3 weeks[3]
  • अंतिम स्वीकृति में १ सप्ताह लगता है[4]
  • राशि प्राप्त होने में १-२ सप्ताह लग जाते हैं

प्रश्न? कृपया हमें simple(_AT_) पर ईमेल करें

  1. If you are an individual or if you don't yet have experience with WMF grants, you should look at Project Grants.
  2. Returning applicants will also need to apply by 1 November or 1 May.
  3. Committee decision may take longer for grants submitted 1 November.
  4. बड़े अनुदानों की अंतिम स्वीकृति में अधिक समय लगता है।