Grants:Project/Yorg/Wiki Loves Africa 2017/Timeline

Timeline for YorgEdit

Timeline Date
Launch of photo contest 01 10 2017
Close of photo contest 30 11 2017
Continental jury process December 2017-January 2018
Integration events January and February 2018
Announcement of winners Around March 2018 (during WikiIndaba)
Exhibition Wikimania Cape Town

Monthly updatesEdit

Please prepare a brief project update each month, in a format of your choice, to share progress and learnings with the community along the way. Submit the link below as you complete each update.

Month August - SeptemberEdit

  • Teams encouraged to submit their plans
  • Local teams helped to get their money (and assistance with Rapid Grant teams to ask for a Rapid Grant)
  • Preparing the new website :
  • Creating all marketing material
  • Creating a press release in French and English; full rework of the media contact list and database
  • Setting up all related wiki pages on Commons
  • Social media strategy and soft launch on twitter and facebook
  • Communication on WMF and WM FR blogs
  • Crafting the photo essay approach and drafting guidelines.
  • Creating suggestion list for rare works based on Unesco listings. Talking to UG, Unesco and other professionals about the photo essays approach.
  • Creation and publication of the super cool launch video
  • Creation of the Facebook group for organisers. Invitations issued. Information provided to members.
  • Set up of site notice system.

Month OctoberEdit

  • Launch of photo contest.
  • Press release. Sending to our improved lists. Communicating on the contest on WikiInAfrica first newsletter (English and French)
  • Clean-up of collected photos (licensing rights, categories, description, photo-essay collections etc.)
  • Set up of reporting system for local teams
  • Set up of general financial reporting with Yorg
  • Social media management and general communication
  • Set up and testing welcome bot for participants
  • Rework and improvement of the social media strategy (mostly Facebook and Instagram)
  • WikiAfrica newsletter sent including feature article on Wiki Loves Africa

Month NovemberEdit

Month DecemberEdit

  • continue images review, clean-up, categorizing and use
  • communication on end of contest
  • Mid point report posted [1]

Month JanuaryEdit

  • Finalize images review, clean-up, categorizing and use
  • Finalize categorizing photo-essais
  • set up jury and jury tools
  • work on generic leaflet

Month FebruaryEdit

  • image selection
  • work on generic leaflet
  • prepare WikiIndaba

Month MarchEdit

  • announcement of winners during WikiIndaba ! (DONE !)
  • photo/category/tool workshop during WikiIndaba (cancelled due to Asaf missing and program restructuring removing the slot to have the workshop)
  • work on generic leaflet (actually still not done...)
  • contact the winners
  • plan communication (blog post on WMF. Blog post on WM FR. Press release
  • beginning of work on final report (stats etc.)
  • collect event reports from teams
  • finalize collection of receipts from local teams
  • translation in French of

Notes : themes suggested in WikiIndaba

  • Religion
  • Transportation
  • Learning
  • Home and Family
  • Festivals/Celebrations
  • Community
  • Play
  • Change
  • Climate
  • Migrations
  • Peace and Love
  • Funerals
  • notes: 2019 is the year of indigenous languages

Month AprilEdit

  • send gifts to winners and jury members
  • presence at Wiki Con
  • improvements on the website

Month MayEdit

  • Send newsletter
  • Report on best practices

Month JuneEdit

  • Start final report
  • General leaflet expected
  • Prepare Wikimania exhibition

Month JulyEdit

  • Wikimania exhibition
  • Final report

Is your final report due but you need more time?

Extension requestEdit

New end dateEdit

I'd like to ask for end of July to submit the final report.


We will do a WLA photo exhibition at Wikimania, so final expenses are likely to get in early July. And it would be lovely to also add about the photo exhibition itself in the final report :)

I will start and get most of the final report ready in June but propose to finalize it just after Wikimania.

Thank you

Anthere (talk) 23:46, 8 June 2018 (UTC)