Grants:Project/Rapid/KCVelaga/AUD Winter Semester Activities (2019-2020)

KCVelaga/AUD Winter Semester Activities (2019-2020)
The projects aims to kick start a community in Ambedkar University Delhi by engaging the students through various activities during the upcoming winter semester. This will eventually lead to the establishment of a Wiki-society in the university.
targetEnglish Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons
start date15 November
start year2019
end date30 May
end year2019
budget (local currency)₹90,000.00
budget (USD)US$1263.42
as of 18:10, 14 October 2019 (UTC)
grant typeindividual
contact(s)• kcvelaga(_AT_)

Project GoalEdit

Briefly explain what are you trying to accomplish with this project, or what do you expect will change as a result of this grant. Example goals include, "recruit new editors", "add high quality content", or "train existing editors on a specific skill".

  • Ambedkar University Delhi is a major university in the National Capital Region of India, New Delhi. With three different campuses across the city, the university majorly focuses on undergraduate, postgraduate, and research studies in humanities and social sciences.
  • The primary goal this project is to kick start Wikimedia activities in college during the upcoming winter semester, which going to start in December 2019 and continue until May 2019. Though the eventual goal is to set up a Wiki-society on the campus, this funding is to introduce Wikimedia projects to some students and take it forward to form a students editors community.
  • The activities of the project will focus on awareness of Wikimedia on the campus, further training (recruitment) of interested students to contribute to Wikimedia projects, and editor retention via follow-up activities.

Project PlanEdit


Tell us how you'll carry out your project. What will you and other organizers spend your time doing?

Since this project is forming a community from the scratch, the activities will be few and be executed at a slow pace, allowing enough time for the organisers to plan them well, and also keep constantly retrospecting, keeping in mind of long-term goals which is to form a Wiki-society. The main activities of the project are described below;
  • English Wikipedia Training Program: This will be a training program spreading over three online sessions and two onsite sessions spreading over two to three months. 6-8 students will be engaged via this program. For retention and to produce good quality content, from my previous experience, it is better to keep the number of participants less, so that the trainer can spare more time to each of them. Towards the end of the course, each participant will have a written at least one article, which will have successfully gone to the DYK nomination process on English Wikipedia. Upon completion of this course requirement, participants will be awarded certificates of completion.
  • Photowalk 1 & 2 + WCommons workshop: Two photowalks will be conducted in and around Delhi with 4-5 participants in each of them. Before doing these, gaps of images related to Delhi will be found out, and these will be organised to document such sites. Participants of both of the photowalks are different, to engage more students. After the photowalks are completed, participants from both will be brought together for a workshop on Wikimedia Commons. Photos taken during the walks will be uploaded during the workshop.
  • 1Lib1Ref session: The university has a very advanced library and employs a large number of ICTs to run its operations. An edit-a-thon will be hosted as a part of the 1Lib1Ref campaign. With the help of the university library and its network, librarians across Delhi will be invited and engaged.
  • Concluding Meet: A concluding meeting will be conducted with student participants from various activities, and further steps regarding the formation of Wiki-society and future activities will be discussed during this meeting. A review of activities will also be done.

How will you let others in your community know about your project (please provide links to where relevant communities have been notified of your proposal, and to any other relevant community discussions)? Why are you targeting a specific audience?

  • Wikimedians in and around Delhi will be invited to the workshops depending on the topic. Online sessions will include Wikimedians from across the country, to connect the participants with the larger Wikimedia community.
  • With respect to the student community in college, they will be notified via the central student mailing list, and interested students will be asked to fill a form (with a few screening questions to assess their interest). Further engagement will be planned after the screening process.
  • Keeping in mind of the eventual goal to establish a Wiki-society, students who have another year to spend in the university will be given priority. This is for the sustainability of the project.

What will you have done at the end of your project? How will you follow-up with people that are involved with your project?

  • Towards the end of the project, we will have formed a community of consistent (active) Wikimedia editors contributing to either Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons, if possible to other projects.
  • The project in itself is a process of continuous engagement with the participants from various activities. Hopefully, if there is a Wiki-society established it will lead to a more formal mode organising stuff in the university.


How will you know if the project is successful and you've met your goals? Please include the following targets and feel free to add more specific to your project:

  1. Number of total participants: 25 (6-8 for en Wikipedia Training + 10 for two photowalks + 8-10 for 1Lib1Ref sessions)
  2. Number of articles created: 6 articles
  1. Number of articles improved: 30 articles
  2. Number of photos uploaded to Wikimedia Commons: 100 images
  3. Number of photos used on Wikimedia projects: 40%


What resources do you have? Include information on who is the organizing the project, what they will do, and if you will receive support from anywhere else (in-kind donations or additional funding).

Space and technical requirements (projectors and computers) to conduct onsite sessions and workshops will be provided by the university. Centre for Internet & Society will also be reached out to, for using their office space in Delhi.

What resources do you need? For your funding request, list bullet points for each expense:

S.No Activity/Item Description Amount (INR)
1 English Wikipedia Training Program Local conveyance and refreshments for two onsite sessions ₹15,000.00
2 Photowalks Cab/metro fare, refreshments, and tickets ₹30,000.00
3 Wikimedia Commons workshop Local conveyance and refreshments ₹10,000.00
4 1Lib1Ref session Local conveyance and refreshments ₹10,000.00
5 Concluding session Local conveyance and refreshments ₹10,000.00
6 Stationary Booklets on Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons, promotional material for awareness etc. ₹5,000.00
7 Contingency Unforeseen expenses ₹10,000.00


    1.   Strong support With the past experience of working with Krishna, I believe in his idealogy and planning. I can definitely say that Like of VVIT Wikiconnect he can create Wikipedian's from AUD successfully. Sumanth699 (talk) 18:26, 14 October 2019 (UTC)
    2.   Strong support KCVelaga single-handedly established a Wiki club in VVIT college which is very successful and sustainable till date. This education activity in AUD has potential to be more successful because KCVelaga who learnt a lot his initial attempt in VVIT college can bring that experience to this one. --Pavan santhosh.s (talk) 04:08, 15 October 2019 (UTC)
    3.   Strong support User:KCVelaga established and succeded in VVIT Wiki Connect project. I believe this project also will be get good success. I hope students will get benifited with this honest effort. Gopala Krishna A (talk) 08:47, 15 October 2019 (UTC)
    4.   Strong support I hope Wikimedia Education helps to learner 21st century learning skills from this program . Nawaraj Ghimire (talk) 11:16, 31 October 2019 (UTC)