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The committee always has at least 15 members. Each member commits to a minimum six- or twelve-month term, but many choose to serve longer:

Member Languages Location (time zone) Since
Flixtey en-N, ak-N, fr-1, uk-1 Ghana, Africa (UTC+0) August 2016
Ilario it-N, en-3, fr-2, la-3, de-2, es-1, ia-1 Switzerland, Europe (UTC+2) August 2016
Léna fr-N, en-4, es-1 France, Europe (UTC+2) August 2016
Lluis tgn ca-N, es-5, en-4, an-1 Spain, Europe (UTC+1) August 2016
MarkAHershberger August 2016
MikyM August 2016
Netha Hussain ml-N, en-5, kn-4, hi-3, sv-2 Sweden, Europe (UTC+2) August 2016
NickK uk-N, ru-N, en-4, fr-4, de-2 Ukraine / France, Europe (UTC+3 / UTC+2) August 2016
rubin16 ru-N, tt-N, en-3 August 2016
Ruslik ru-N, en-3, it-1 Russia, Europe (UTC+3) August 2016
Superzerocool es-N, en-2 Chile, South America (UTC-3/UTC-4) August 2016
Thepwnco en-N, fr-3 Canada, North America (UTC-4) August 2016
Violetova mk-N, en-4, bs-3, hr-3, sr-3, bg-2, es-1 Macedonia, Europe (UTC+2) August 2016
Jackiekoerner en-N, de-4, es-1, fr-1 United States, North America (UTC-6) March 2018
Aotfs2013 zh-N, en-3, nan-taiwan-1 Taiwan, Asia (UTC+8) March 2018
KCVelaga te-N, en-4, hi-2 India, Asia (UTC+5:30) December 2018
FULBERT en-N, fr-2 United States, North America (UTC-5) December 2018
Masssly add languages here add location (timezone) here March 2020
Celestinesucess add languages here add location (timezone) here March 2020
T Cells Yo-N, en-4 Nigeria, Africa (UTC+1) March 2020
MassiveEartha en-N United Kingdom, Europe (UTC+0/UTC+1) March 2020
Joalpe pt-N, fr-N, en-5,es-3 Brazil, South America (UTC+3) March 2021
Oby Ezeilo Ig-N, en-4 Nigeria, Africa (UTC+7) March 2021
Rocky Masum bn-N, en-4 Bangladesh, Asia (UTC+6) March 2021
NanaYawBotar en-N, ak-N Ghana, Africa (UTC+0) March 2021
Yamen ar-N, Fr-5, En-5, It-1, Mt-1, Es-1 Tunisia, Africa (UTC+7) March 2021
Cherishsantosh en-, Bangalore, India (UTC+5.5) April 2021
Shahadusadik en-, Ghana, Africa (UTC+0) April 2021
Jwale2 en-N, Ghana, Africa (UTC+0) April 2021

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