Grants:PEG/WM PH/Wiki Loves Monuments 2013/Report

Report accepted
This report for a Project and Event grant approved in FY 2013-14 has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.
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Compliance and completion

Did you comply with the requirements specified by WMF in the grant agreement?
Yes, except the report was submitted late by 11 days.
Is your project completed?
Did you use any of the grant funds?

Activities and lessons learned


This section describes what the grantee did, and what the grantee learned from implementing the project. This section should be useful to others implementing similar projects and is an opportunity for the grantee to reflect on the project's performance.


Provide a detailed list of activities performed to complete this project, descriptions of these activities, and the amount of time spent on each activity. This section should also include a list of participants, or a link to pictures, blog posts, or videos from the project or event.
  • October 19–20
    Elimination Round of entries to determine the 50 Finalists. Judges were made to select the best entries from among 6,052 images. The 6,052 images were immediately trimmed down to 70, which was then underwent further eliminations to determine the Top 50 entries that will be rated for the finals.
    October 21
    Announcement of 50 Finalists via Facebook, subsequent post also made on the website. Public invited to "LIKE" their favorite finalists, most number of "LIKE"s will win People's Choice Award. See 50 Finalists.
WLM Philippines 2013 winner Jojo Deladia (center) receiving the trophy during the awarding ceremony flanked by event host Roel Balingit (left) and project lead Jenna Delos Reyes (right)
  • October 23–30
    Final judging. Judges were sent the judging sheet where the images were rated according to the criteria.
    October 26
    Ocular inspection of venue.
    October 30
    Top 10 entries sent to the International WLM Committee.
    November 5–7
    Invitations to the Awarding Ceremony sent out to finalists via Commons e-mail/user talk pages/Facebook accounts.
    November 7
    Invitations sent to judges for to attend the Awarding Ceremony.
    November 6
    Started nominating finalists for Quality images.
    November 11–15
    Final preparations for the awarding ceremonies.
    November 16
    Awarding ceremony at Herald Suites, Makati City. See related website post.
  • November 18–January 15
    Claiming of prizes of winners who were not present at the awarding ceremonies.
    December 10
    Remitted tax withheld of taxable prizes.
    December 17
    Project evaluation

Lessons learned

What lessons were learned that may help others succeed in similar projects? Consider the following questions and respond with 1 - 2 paragraphs.
What went well?
  Awarding ceremony schedule The project team followed the calendar provided by the international Wiki Loves Monuments committee to hold the awarding ceremony which gave the team more time prepare for judging the entries and the awarding ceremony proper. Due to the enough lead time and notice, more finalists were present at the awarding ceremony, which also provided a good opportunity to obtain feedback and exchange ideas with them how the project can be improved or what type of projects are they likely to be interested in.
  Budgeting The project team took was better experienced this time in preparing the proposed budget, as compared to 2012 where a lot of allocations were over expended and there were a lot of unanticipated expenses that were not budgeted.
What did not go well?
  Delayed preparation and grant submission The problem of the chapter's compliance was beyond the organizing team control. The delay in returning back to compliance held-up a lot of initial plans the organizing team had. But also the organizing team did not have enough lead time to prepare for the project owing the availability of the team members, which resulted to a delayed submission of the grant proposal, which should have been done months before the uploading campaign, just like in 2012.
  Advertising The decision to forego with advertising in a major news daily may have likely caused the declined in the number of participants, but since this is a worldwide trend and did not happen in the Philippines alone it cannot be ascertained. Though as in 2012 the number of participants surged immediately when the ad came out.
What would you do differently if you planned a similar project?
We would certainly follow the timeline used in the 2012 edition which gave the organizing team a lot of time to prepare and promote the event. The team then also reached out to various photography-oriented organizations which helped promote the competition among its members, added to it was the print ad that came out in a major newspaper in 2012 provided a good mileage for the project that generated a very good number of participants.

Project goal and measures of success


This section should reference the project goals and measures of success described in the approved grant submission. See Grants:PEG/WM PH/Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 to review the goals and metrics listed in the approved submission.

Project goal

Provide the project goal here.
The goal of this project is to produce freely licensed images of heritage sites of the Philippines that will be uploaded in Wikimedia Commons and be part of the global Wiki Loves Monuments project initiative. Continuously build up the data base of National Historical Landmarks and cultural properties of the Philippines in Wikipedia by adding the images gathered in the contest.
Did you achieve your project goal? How do you know your goal was achieved? Please answer in 1 - 2 paragraphs.
  We were able to achieve our project goal as shown by the submission of a good number of images that were uploaded. Though there were several images that did not depict any heritage site at all, these are still usable in Wikipedia. The National Historical Commission (NHCP) of the Philippines also took notice of the work accomplished as their database of sites do not even have coordinates and other information that we have provided in our list. During the duration of the project the NHCP sent a more updated list of sites which were then included in the list.

Measures of success

List the measures of success exactly as provided in the approved grant submission, and evaluate your project according to each measure listed there.
  • have as much as 3,000 freely-licensed images of heritage sites in the Philippines.
Provide an overall assessment of how your project went according to these measures.
There were a total of 6,053 freely-licensed images that were uploaded, three times more than in the 2012 edition, though so much of these uploaded photos were contributed by one person alone—User:Ramon FVelasquez who uploaded 4,984 images. All the other 91 contributors uploaded 1,069 images. Other images (not included in the count) had to be decategorized as they did not depict any heritage site, similar to a good number of images in 2012. It must be noted too, that the target which was the initially planned quantitative measure set even before the start of the project period, was already achieved when the grant proposal was submitted.
If you were to plan a similar project, would you measure it differently? If yes, please explain how.
While it's good to generate a good number of photos that are freely-licensed, the photo contest seems to be focused on beating its own record of being the Guinness Record holder of the "World's Largest Photography Competition". While it is a worthwhile endeavor and it generates a great number of freely-licensed images, it won't be sustainable in the long run as it will reach its saturation point, which it may already had reached. Doing it for two years may be ideal, but beyond that you may just be obtaining photos of the same sites over and over again. Diversifying or coming up with alternative public photo competitions like Wiki Loves Earth will keep the concerted international Wikimedia effort at the forefront of generating freely-licensed media without creating satiating the regular participants.



This section ties this project to Wikimedia's broader goals, and shows what the project accomplished.

What impact did this project have on WMF's mission and the strategic goals? Please answer in 1 -2 paragraphs and include specific measures of impact such as the number of readers or editors reached by a particular project, or the number of articles edited or improved.
3rd Place in Wiki Loves Monuments Asian Category
Increase participation
The number of participants dwindled to 92 compared to the 2012 edition which attracted 299 uploaders. Though there were a considerable number of first time participants in this year's edition. Participants who were interviewed recognized their contribution would considerably help in providing quality or good photos of heritage sites across the country which can be readily available for public use. Previously a lot of them would make it a point to leave a watermark of their names on their photographs to preserve their rights over their images; Wiki Loves Monuments helped them consider that their images could help in educating the public about the need to preserve our heritage and best of all document it, in the light of their destruction by natural calamities like the Bohol earthquake and Typhoon Haiyan which all occurred during the last quarter of 2013. They have committed that they are open to even smaller competitions or projects where freely-licensed images would be needed.
Improve quality
The project was able to a good number of quality images which were added and even replaced existing images attached to the official list of Philippine of heritage sites. It was observed that some participants employed the photographic styles of the winning entries in the 2012 edition of the international contest. Though no entry from the Philippines landed among the best entries in the worldwide competition, an entry from the Philippines by Allan Jay Quesada won 3rd Place in the Asian category of the contest (see website post). The same photo was also used on a TV show (see post.)
Increase reach
If social media were to be used as the barometer of the reach of Wiki Loves Monuments Philippines, from only 354 page likes of the project fan page——on October 23, 2012 when the results of the 2012 edition were posted online, it grew by 2.5 times to 889 page likes by November 15, 2013 during the awarding ceremony of the 2013 edition. By October 23, 2013 it had an "organic reach" of 16,038 based on Facebook statistics (screenshot of the statistics page, available upon request, unable to upload it to Wikimedia Commons due to copyright concerns).

Reporting and documentation of expenditures


This section describes the grant's use of funds


Did you send documentation of all expenses paid with grant funds to grants at wikimedia dot org, according to the guidelines here? Answer "Yes" or "No".


Please list all project expenses in a table here, with descriptions and dates. Review the instructions here.
These expenses should be listed in the same format as the budget table in your approved submission so that anyone reading this report may be able to easily compare budgeted vs. actual expenses.
Note that variances in the project budget over 10% per expense category must be approved in advance by WMF Grants Program staff. For all other variances, please provide an explanation in the table below.

Number Category Item description Unit Number of units Actual cost per unit Actual total Budgeted total Currency Notes
1 Prizes Cash prizes ₱91,000 ₱91,000 PHP All prizes were claimed. Cash prizes given were as follows:
  • 1st place: ₱30,000
  • 2nd place: ₱20,000
  • 3rd place: ₱10,000
  • 4th–10th place: ₱3,000 × 7 = ₱21,000
  • Special prizes:
    • Quality Award (most number of entries in the Top 50): ₱5,000
    • People's Choice: ₱5,000
2 Prizes Trophies/Certificates ₱11,987.75 ₱13,000 PHP 1st to 3rd places received trophies, 4th to 10th places and special awardees were given certificates
3 Prizes Photobook Souvenir ₱13,060 ₱30,000 PHP
4 Judging Meals/Meeting ₱12,901.50 ₱15,000 PHP
5 Judging Honoraria/Tokens ₱2,283 ₱10,000 PHP
6 Awarding ceremony Food catering ₱68,600 ₱50,000 PHP Venue provided two items.
7 Awarding ceremony Venue rental ₱20,000 PHP
8 Awarding ceremony Lighting/audio equipment, video coverage ₱3,360 ₱3,000 PHP Variance of 12%, equivalent ₱360 (US$8.37). Grant agreement #3(c)(ii) allows up to 20% variance. Excess amount was due to the additional handler fee of the camera man.
9 Awarding ceremony Gallery of finalists ₱ – ₱10,000 PHP Decided not to utilize item since the venue does not have a conducive place to be used as gallery.
10 Project management Project management ₱17,137.75 ₱15,000 PHP Variance of 14.3% or ₱2,137.75 (US$49.72). Excess amount was due to expenses during the project evaluation and assistance sought for properly categorizing over 6,000 images.
11 Project management Volunteer stipend ₱10,000 ₱10,000 PHP
12 Project management Supplies ₱1,265 ₱3,000 PHP
13 Project management Contingency ₱10,000 ₱10,000 PHP Contingency was utilized to cover the 20% tax of the 1st and second prize winners. The amount of their cash prize winnings were already subject to tax.
Total project budget (from your approved grant submission)
₱ 280,000
Total amount requested from WMF (from your approved grant submission, this total will be the same as the total project budget if the WMF grant is your only funding source)
₱ 280,000
Total amount spent on this project (this total should be the total calculated from the table above)
₱ 241,595.00
Total amount of WMF grant funds spent on this project (this total will be the same as the total amount spent if the WMF grant is your only funding source)
₱ 241,595.00
Are there additional sources of revenue that funded any part of this project? List them here.

Remaining funds


A request for reallocation of remaining funds has been submitted by the grantee and approved by WMFon the discussion page of this grant report.

Are there any grant funds remaining?
Please list the total amount (specify currency) remaining here. (This is the amount you did not use, or the amount you still have after completing your grant.)
₱38,405.00 (US$893)
If funds are remaining they must be returned to WMF, reallocated to mission-aligned activities, or applied to another approved grant.
Please state here if you intend to return unused funds to WMF, submit a request for reallocation, or submit a new grant request, and then follow the instructions on your approved grant submission.
We would like to request that ₱ 19,900 (US$503) be reallocated for this: Grants:PEG/WM PH/Wiki Loves Monuments 2013/Reallocation, while the remaining ₱ 18,505 (US$431) be deducted from our Grants:PEG/WM PH/Annual program plan 2014 grant.