Grants:PEG/Satdeep Gill/January 2016 Events

Satdeep Gill/January 2016 Events
This Grant Request is to support upcoming events of Punjabi Wikimedians.
targetPunjabi Wikipedia
strategic priorityIncrease participation
start date1 January 15 January
start year2016
end date31 January
end year2016
budget (local currency)37,000 INR
budget (USD)555 USD
grant typeTeam
non-profit statusNo
creatorSatdeep Gill
created on16:11, 13 December 2015 (UTC)

Goal edit

The goal of this initiative is to mark the 15th birthday of Wikipedia by Punjabi Community with a number of programs. The programs aims to increase number of editors as well as the quality of articles.

Plan edit

Activities edit

  • January 2016 Patiala Meetup: (2 January 2016) Many things are required to be discussed.
  1. Discussions regarding future of Punjabi Wikimedians. (We are planning of setting up a permanent local space.)
  2. Selecting an appropriate delegate for Wikimedia Conference 2016.
  3. Encouraging and helping in filling Wikimania 2016 applications.
  4. Discussions related to the quality of Punjabi Wikipedia.
  5. Discussions about Punjabi Wiktionary, Punjabi Wikibooks, Punjabi Wikisource etc.
  6. Discussions regarding Wikipedia 15 celebration and Kotkapura Workshop.

Expected participants: 20

  • Wikipedia 15 celebration: (15 January 2016) We're planning to celebrate Wikipedia's Birthday with Punjabi Wikimedians. The event will include a general meeting, discussing future plans and upcoming policies, story telling, launch and #Wikipedia15 cake cutting.
  1. This is going to be a celebration mainly but with a lot of discussions.
  2. We are planning to hire a professional Photography team to do some interviews and to get some pictures for future pamphlets and posters.

Expected participants: 30

  • Kotkapura Workshop: (10 January 2016) Kotkapura is a town in Punjab. Punjabi Wikimedians are doing an one-day workshop in this town. It will be on 10 January 2016 (Sunday). Number of Wikimedians who will go to do this, it will be decided in January 2016 Meetup.

There will be two sessions for this program. One will be a lecture for a bigger audience to make them aware about Wikipedia and Punjabi Wikipedia. Second session will be a live editing session with some veteran editors and some budding and new editors.

Expected participants: 50 (Session 1) + 20 (Session 2)

Impact edit

Target readership edit

This program is intended to mark the 15th birthday of Wikipedia as a whole, but the initiatives within the program will particularly help Punjabi Wikipedia. We expect to increase the number of editors and active editors.

Fit with strategy edit

  • Increase the number of editors:
  • Increase the quality of articles:

Measures of success edit

We will measuring the success on the basis of the Global metrics.

  1. News reporting in a Punjabi newspaper.
  2. We can also get feedback from Users regarding their experience and can use it in our Report.

Resources and risks edit

Resources edit

  • Evidence of past success in executing similar projects: Include links to previous grant requests/reports. -->
  • Evidence of past success in executing similar projects:

Grant request: Grants:PEG/Satdeep Gill/Punjabi Wiki Workshop Chandigarh
Report: Report for Punjabi Wiki Workshop Chandigarh.

Risks edit

  • Lack of time - Punjabi Wikimedians consists such Wikimedians who are active or very active editors but they are not comfortable to do voluntarily work. Currently community has no full-time or part-time employees. So organizing such a program by volunteers may cause some problems as not everyone can work full-time.
  • Low participation in the workshop and contest - There is also a risk that past contributors or workshops attendees will no longer participate in the workshops or the contest will have low number of participants.

Budget edit

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Project budget table edit

Patiala Meetup 6 edit

2 January 2016 - 1,500 INR for some snacks and travel reimbursement to one or two participants if required.

Wikipedia 15 Celebration edit

Number Category Item description Unit Number of units Cost per unit Total cost Currency Notes
1 Logistics Travel Scholarships 1 15 400 6,000 INR
2 Food and Beverages Lunch Per Person 20 200 4,000 INR
3 Celebrations Wikipedia 15 Cake 1 1,000 1,000
4 Certificates 50 20 1,000 INR
Total 12,000 INR

Kotkapura Workshop Budget edit

Number Category Item description Unit Number of units Cost per unit Total cost Currency Notes
1 Logistics Travel Scholarships 1 10 500 5,000 INR
2 Logistics Accomodation (1 night) Twin Sharing 6 1,000 6,000 INR This might vary.
3 Food and beverages Lunch day 1 + Tea/Coffee and Snacks Per person 25 200 + 50 6,250 INR Expected price for Lunch
4 Food and beverages Dinner day 1 Per person 25 200 5,000 INR Expected cost
5 Posters Posters and pamphlets 1,000 INR
6 Stationary Projector on Rent 1 1,000 1,000 INR Expected cost
7 Miscellaneous Unforeseen 750 INR
Total 25,000 INR

Total cost of project edit

43,000 INR 37,000 INR

Total amount requested edit

We already have 42,201 INR 37,000 INR remaining from previous grant and we hope to cover this Grant request with that.

Additional sources of revenue edit


Non-financial requirements edit

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Discussion edit

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Punjabi Community has been notified at Village Pump.

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