Grants:PEG/Non-financial assistance

This page documents a process of the WMF Project and Event Grants program. Return to the Grants:PEG page at any time for more information!

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Grantees or potential grantees may wish to request non-financial assistance from Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) or the Grant Advisory Committee (GAC) in order to create a submission or complete a project. This may include,

  • Help or expert advice from WMF or the when creating a new grant submission.
  • Requesting permission to use Wikimedia's marks.
  • Requesting supplies for outreach from Wikimedia Foundation.

Please make non-financial requests clearly at the time of the grant submission in order to ensure that WMF Staff or the GAC is able to review your requests in a timely manner. Approval of your submission does not guarantee non-financial assistance, but grantees should be notified if they will receive non-financial assistance (such as outreach supplies) at the time of a submission's approval.