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Increase number of photos in use
problemStrategies to achieve goals to integrate photos from projects and contests into Wiki projects.
solutionUse tools, contact relevent WikiProject communities or host writing contests to increase the number of contest photos on Wiki projects.
creatorKHarold (WMF)
created on03:08, 27 August 2015 (UTC)

What problem does this solve? edit

Photography contests and events can generate thousands of images. Some communities choose to focus on integrating images from contests into different Wiki projects. What strategies can be used to increase the number of contest images that are used or linked to in articles?

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Tools edit

  • GLAMify Tool: Use this tool after photo event images have been added to Wikipedia pages in your language. The tool will identify relevent articles on other language Wikipedias that do not use images from a particular category. Images will need to be added manually.
  • Erfgoedbot: The first step to have Erfgoedbot run in a country is to have lists of monuments on Wikipedia (in template format), the second step is to file a bug on Phabricator to add the lists to the monuments database, when added, the bot can create pages with unused images. These lists contain the images of monuments which do not have a photo yet in the monument lists.

Writing contests or thematic weeks edit

  • Host a writing contest or thematic week where the objective is to use images from previous photo event lists. Consider hosting the contest instead of participating in WLM[1] or in October, the month after WLM.[2]
  • Include a infobox template for historic siteson the event page.[1]
  • If you are planning a multi-lingual photo contest, "the use of Wikidata Q numbers makes things much easier. Q294252 is a multilingual way to call what some people name Catedral de Palencia, others पालेनसीया िगरजाघर, பலன்சியா பெருங்கோவில் or Katedraśw. Antoninaz Pamiers w Palencji."[3]
  • Extremely large lists of possible monuments may be difficult to manage.

Work with relevant WikiProjects edit

  • Look for a WikiProject or other community who would be interested in the theme of the photo contest. They can help you identify images that are needed, and they may be helpful in integrating photos.[4]

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When to use edit

Repte Monuments Challenge
"Some areas are fully covered with photographs and the project about monuments has reached a point of maturity that can make a leap forward. Photographers can continue taking photos of the hard-to-get-to sights, but also we wanted to encourage them to participate with the experience gained from field work to review and complete the relevant articles. In total there were 41 registered participants who reported 2,598 articles edited. An analysis of the editions shows different motivations of participants. Some photographers had participated in Wiki Loves Monuments and they were interested in developing articles of monuments they know and apreciate most. Some users uploaded new photos while creating a new article. Other participants were interested in their local heritage while others in a group of thematic monuments."[1]
WLM Spain Post-Contest Writing Challenge
"This year we want to add a second part of the project. Not only a photo contest, but also a writing contest in October, an international challenge to motivate people to write and improve articles about monuments in Spain in every language, using pictures uploaded in September to the contest."[5] Thanks to the Challenge, 1,624 images were used, 2,179 articles were created or improved in 37 languages."[6] One of many lessons learned: "Open lists of items to edit -as in our case, with tens of thousands of possible monuments- are very difficult to manage. It is almost impossible that the aspirations of the organizers align with the contestants’ behavior and the end result . Although we still believe that the range of potential objects of other contests (twenty, forty-six) is very small, there should be a closed list to make things manageable and predictable to some extent."[3]
Connect With Relevant WikiProjects
Although the contest goals focused on image donation/uploading and content coverage, the photo integration was impressive with 3,606 distinct images and 5,384 image uses out of a total 10,867 images. "I credit [the high rate of image integration from Summer of Monuments] to [[w:Wikipedia:WikiProject National Register of Historic Places|WikiProject National Register of Historic Places]], which monitors activity around NRHP stuff quite actively.This is the value of having a strong online community to supplement offline efforts."[4]

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  • In Wikimedia Spain we have created a Wikiproject to coordinate the work related to WLM looking at the same time for more involvement of the community. Furthermore to increase the number of photos in use we have focused WLM from 2015 on on missing monuments in Commons. That media will not concur with existing media, an the use rate will be very high.

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