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Listening to community feedback, we have committed to strengthening our support beyond financial resources. We are excited that Jessica Stephenson joined the Community Resources team as a dedicated Learning and Evaluation Program Officer, and will support the implementation of our new learning and evaluation framework as well as the development of a strong peer learning network in collaboration with the community.

Stay tuned for more information and details to come about the development of this new program.

Let’s Connect Peer learning programEdit

Let's Connect Page

Learning and evaluation reportsEdit


Grantee partners’ intended programming and impact 2022

The full report that analyses 100 grantees General Support and Alliances Fund proposals and uses data to see common tendencies, challenges, intended impact, evaluation challenges and references some cases for peer learning and sharing.

Funding Report 2021-2022

This report focuses on the funding distribution after the first year of implementation of the new funding strategy and grants relaunch in July 2021.

Regional learning sessions for programming and impact 2022 and regional summaries

A Global analysis of some of the issues addressed in the Regional Learning Sessions with regional summaries. It highlights issues grantees found interesting about the report and would like to discuss further in peer learning spaces. It also collects information of data and analysis grantees would like to see in future.

Feedback reportsEdit


Feedback Report: Wikimedia Community Fund Round 1 Executive Summary

The full report is divided into four parts. 1. General data on the first round of funding, 2. The feedback process methodology and response rate, 3. Regional Committee feedback with conclusions per region as well as general recommendations. 4. Applicants' feedback.

Feedback Report: Wikimedia Community and Alliances Funds Round 2

Round 2 Feedback report: perceptions from Regional Fund Committees and General Support and Alliances Fund applicants

Learning and evaluation resourcesEdit

Application Forms and GuidesEdit

Learning reportsEdit

Recommendations for developing fund proposalsEdit

Evaluation and Learning in Educational Projects slides
Developing your theory of change and learning and evaluation plan

Here is a video guide and exercise to think of your theory and change and evaluating your results in a way that can be more meaningful for your work and learning. Use this deck and jam board to work through the video-guide.

Wikimedia Foundation Funds TutorialsEdit

Fluxx TutorialsEdit

Video Tutorials

Program OfficerEdit

Lead Learning and Evaluation Officer
Timezone: UTC+1/+2 (CEST)
Language(s) spoken: English, Portuguese, Spanish

Conversation hours for Learning and EvaluationEdit

Conversation hours are available for questions, comments, and any general support around our funding programs in the region. Please review the table below for information and links to these meetings: