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Marilyn Douala Bell edit

Marilyn Douala Bell and Didier Schaub in the library of doual'art.

Marilyn Douala Bell is a socio-economist and president of the art centre doual'art based in Douala, Cameroon. She has a long experience in managing complex projects and in supporting cultural productions. She has been promoting with her husband Didier Schaub and doual'art staff the project WikiAfrica Cameroon (including Wiki Loves Monuments Cameroon, the organization of a training related to Wikipedia, and a WikiAfrica hub at doual'art where people have an internet connection which actually allows to edit Wikipedia and the Wikimedia projects). She speaks French, English and Portuguese.

  • Role in the project: grantee, president of doual'art, co-curator with Didier Schaub (1952-2014).

Mike Epacka edit

Hip Hop concert organized by Micheal Epacka in New Bell, Douala, Cameroon.

Michael Epacka is based in Douala in Cameroon and he is the regional creative and strategy director of a communication company. With a passion for music, he has produced concerts, videos and video clips for national and international clients. He has been working with many Cameroonian artists and musicians and he has been collaborating with doual'art and the SUD Salon Urbain de Douala also with music and video productions. His latest production is a series of 4 webisodes series + avideoclip for MTN Cameroon called “The Unstoppables”. It is a fiction about four Cameroonian youngsters making music together. It was broadcasted on line+TV and the operation ended with a concert. It’s the core of the 2012-13 MTN brand campaign, and with his company they produced all sounds+videos for this (Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Unstoppable videoclip. As an example of what they produce in the field of music Hip Hop Développé. He speaks French and English.

  • Role in the project: Artistic director.

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Victor Njehoya edit

Victor Njehoya is a staff member of doual'art and he lives and works in Douala in Cameroon. He managed the project WikiAfrica Cameroon which included Wiki Loves Monuments in Cameroon. He is focussed on ICT and social media at doual'art.

  • Role in the project: coordinator of the project phases and distribution (January-March 2014).

Iolanda Pensa edit

Wikimedia Conference in Milan 2013.

Iolanda Pensa. She is an active wikipedian and wikimedian, member of Wikimedia Italia and Wikimedia CH, and scientific director of WikiAfrica and Share Your Knowledge projects for lettera27 Foundation between 2007-2012. She is currently researcher at SUPSI. She is an art critic with a university degree in art history and a Ph.D. in anthropology and urban planning. She has been focusing on research on contemporary African art since 1998 and she has accomplished regular field research in Douala since 2003. She has wrote the scripts for the video Share Your Knowledge why and the video Share Your Knowledge how and she has commissioned artworks since 2007. She speaks Italian, French and English.

  • Role in the project: grantee, Wikimedia interface.

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Bibi Benzo edit

The first proposal for the concept of "Wikipedia: What is about" in comics.

Bibi Benzo is a cartoonists, illustrator and caricaturist from Cameroon. His the founder of the magazines "Caricatures" and "Ndolè !" (2008); he is author of comics for magazines, newspapers, books and campaigns. His work is presented in the Dictionnaire de la bande dessinée d'Afrique francophone by Christophe Cassiau-Hauri (Editions L'Harmattan 2013, pp. 61-62) and the artist has participated to several festivals of comics and caricatures (among which Fescarhy in Cameroon, FIBDA in Algeria). He is the author with other six illustrators of the book Sommets d'Afrique (L'Harmattan BD, 2013).

  • Role in the project: Cartoonist, artist.

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Regis Talla edit

Régis Talla is a producer and film director from Cameroon. He is among the selected talents of the Berlinare 2014[1]

  • Role in the project: Film director for the video.

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doual'art edit

doual'art is a non profit organization based in Douala.

  • Role in the project: Fiscal sponsor.

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Orange Cameroon edit

The phone company Orange has supported the broadcasting of the videos on TV in Cameroon in July 2014. The partnership has been established by doual'art and Michael Epaka during the implementation of the project.

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