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1. In order to support community review, please provide a brief description of your organization's work in the upcoming funding period.

2. Name, fiscal year, and funding period.

Amical Wikipedia is not requesting funds this round. Delphine (WMF) (talk) 16:52, 20 December 2018 (UTC)

3. Amount requested.

Table 1

Currency requested US$
Total expenses for the upcoming year 75,000 EUR 62,400.00 EUR
APG funding requested for the upcoming year 3 4
Amount of funding received from WMF for the current year 62,400.00 EUR 6

4. How does your organization know what community members and contributors to online projects need or want? Does your organization conduct needs assessments or consult the contributors and volunteers most involved with its work?
  • 2019 will be a transition year with a new board, as explained.

5. Please provide a link to your organization's strategic plan, and a link to your separate annual plans for the current and upcoming funding periods if you have them.

Annual plan summaryEdit

Please add here:

  • Links to your annual plan and other annual documents in your language
  • A summary of your annual plan in English - this can be in wiki form, following the template you have chosen, or a link to a document that is accessible to all. Please if your document is a living document, upload a pdf version on this wiki for archival purposes.

The summary of your annual plan should roughly follow the following guide:

  • An overview/introduction describing your context and the strategy of your organization
  • An overview of your programs and activities
    • What you continue doing this year and why
    • What you intend to do that is new and why
    • What you wish to discontinue and why
  • A budget
  • A table with targets for Grants:Metrics (including your grantee-defined metrics)
  • Any other supporting document or narrative that you find adds context or gives important information for the evaluation of your request.

Year 2019 has been considered as “transition year” by Wikimedia movement, due to changes that may be implemented after the whole 2030 Strategy process. Similarly, it will be a transition period for Amical Wikimedia, since we have finished our strategic plan 2014-2018 (xxx) and we will renew our board. This new board will finish our new strategic plan (which we have already started to draft) and it will reframe new activities following its' scope. That’s why this proposal just highlighting the main working lines for next year and it is open to further changes decided by our community.

We will present it in a similar structure as previous year for clearer comparison but it may be also affected in a future, as final evaluation and support by community is still to be done


We will keep annual Viquitrobada and several meetings, which will combine empowering and training and taking care of volunteers’ personal needs. We keep our unofficial metrics, where half of our member are among most active users in Viquipèdia, so we can preserve good ambient and centrality of community, which are ones of our main features. We must increase the amount of people involved in day-to-day organisation of association.


We will continue our university courses. We have arranged a formal agreement with UAB which we hope will lead to new opportunities with this university (the second of Catalonia in amount of degrees). As challenges, we have to rethink our approach to non-superior courses to balance volunteers’ investment of time and return.

We want to promote new activities beside the classical edition project, as we have already with some professors: debates around Wikipedia epistemology, correction of expert entries and further integration with Wikidata. Related to this, we want to reach researchers world so they can take profit of this huge database, still very unknown among them.


We have consolidated local nodes of activity with museums and libraries, which we aim to make grow. They are the natural gate to enter the Wikimedia world and we are happy to see that our kick-off and go model works, since several partners are organising their own wikiactivities without us (and repeating the experience!).  

One challenge for us is our partners' excessive dependence of political issues in budgets and plannings, a fact that hampers our expansion. Political commitment of several members has also decreased their participation as wiki volunteers, and that must be reversed.> això no ho posaria (tema polític)

We want to continue our high-level partnerships, with institutions which go ahead far the simple editathon, for example CCCB, Termcat and so on. To find these agents is one of our top priorities for the near future so not to loss quality in our projects.

Specific projectsEdit

Community is the centre of everything and all members can promote projects, both online and offline. We will keep fueling them, organising online contest to fill content gaps or to help people work together. We must rethink a little bit the calendar and international scope, as these are areas with room to improvement.

One of main results after may Wikimedia Hackathon is the increase of activity linked to wikidata in our projects. Several members has taken trainings and editing more in Wikidata. We are also exporting our model of automatic infoboxes to other languages with warm welcomes  and lists of suggestions. Amical is helping in whole process, supporting public image of these projects and offering monographic workshops that will be continued in 2019. We want to take profit of all the energy invested in Hackathon (tones of work!) so it becomes a useful event to our community. We have already mentored a final degree project (TFG) in this area and we would like to try to promote similar initiatives thanks to our network.

Outreach and communicationEdit

A challenge for new team will be to keep the discourse lines and conceptual frame which has made Amical model a different one: volunteer led, frugal, intertwined with local entities and with hardcore users involved. Communication must explain our principles and keep the good initiatives of round-tables, conferences and special sessions where we are invited as an agent expert in knowledge management. %%Controllying lobby pressures and conflict of interest of several partners might be a challenge if these principles are not clear%% (això no ho posaria). We have increased a lot the success of our social networks, specially Twitter, and this can be a tool to help in this path.

Depending of profiles of new board members, international presence may also become a challenge. We have to ensure a correct transmission of institutional knowledge and context maps so they can continue communicating our model among the movement and learning from other chapters. Several points of Strategy process raised our alarm in the past, we must be ready to follow them and be able to discuss our point of view. Communication, then, is not only in media but also inside the movement.


Due to all previous considerations, we pretend to keep our budget the same until we finish the whole transition process. This year we had less expenses thanks to a unexpected longer parental leave of our employee but this situation will change next year. That’s why we think we can do all our activities with same amount, applying our internal control methods.

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