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Goings-on in May 2004

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Goings-on on the projects

Local chapters : The french wikipedia has started brainstorming on associative topic again. See w:fr:Wikipédia:Wikimédia

Wiktionaries: Wiktionaries in all active languages have been set up by Tim Starling. See here for details. See also Requests for Wiktionary permissions for permission and new policy to get sysop status. (Update: De:wiktionary has switched to utf8.) Statistics are now available at [1].

Community: The English wikipedia opened a w:en:Wikipedia:Facebook. Most users seem to think this is great, while others fear Wikipedia appears built by a bunch of weirdos. Some mention privacy rights. And is a plaster bust appropriate? Should this be moved to meta? What is your opinion? Pictures or no pictures? Join the discussion on the discussion page.

Ars Electronica Award: please add mention of the Festival en:Ars Electronica, and update associated information (the de:Ars Electronica Center in sv:Linz, en:Internet art, the International Bruckner Festival) on your local Wikipedia!

Webby Award: Wikipedia wins an award for Best Community. Winners list. The English Wikipedia have started a press release. Other Wikipedias are encouraged to do the same, and link the various press releases together.

Goings-on on meta itself

  • A vote on artificial languages equal rights is started.
  • Wikipedia language overviews (list of all language Wikipedias, their popular pages, and overviews of their size, growth, and active users)
  • Trophy box (list of awards and key press clippings; links to "In the Press" pages on monolanguage wikis.)
  • Translators (identification of multilingual people, willing to help in translation... think about it, we could have a press release set and distributed in a couple of days, in many languages!)
  • Press Corps (association of photographers - have you thought of covering the next huge sporting event in your city ?)
  • Offensive content (brainstorming on how to handle problematic images)

Blocked users on meta
The french wikipedia has restricted User:Stuart Little from editing all meta pages, including those on meta, from the 2nd of may to the 2nd of june. Please do not block him; it is a self-effort.

Requests for permissions - Request for deletion policy updated.

Goings-on on wikimedia topics

'RSS feeds : See for example : http://www.bloglines.com/preview?siteid=242264

Board of Trustees :
The elections administrators, Danny and Imran, announce beginning of the elections for the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation on the English Wikipedia. Other information pages are currently under construction here on meta. Help to translate Elections for the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation in all languages would be welcome.


Update to version MediaWiki 1.3 are ongoing on all projects. Please report bugs.

Server outage message : please, add the translation in your langage.

Release of mediawiki 1.2.5
Changes since 1.2.4:

  • Fixed install problem with blank root password
  • Fixed Special:Emailuser/Username links
  • Fixed main-page edit link s on fuzzy search results
  • Fixed wikipedia-interwiki.sql
  • Fixed install with apache2filter (ugly U RLs)
  • IP in 'go' search brings up contributions
  • Switch from broken & to ? on top-level wiki URL hack
  • Fix for moved pages in enhanced Recentchanges
  • Initial main page on new installs links to the online documentation

There are no database format changes.

Release notes: [2]

Download: download

See MediaWiki roadmap anytime, to know what is cooking for the new MediaWiki version.

On the mailing lists this month

misc, technical, foundation, complete list

Should real names appear in the preferences? How should contributors list be displayed on article page? : See threads on wikitech-l, wikipedia-l and foundation-l

Featured content on Wikipedias

cy: Tywodfaen

de: Zheng He, Charlie Chaplin, Sextant

en: Superman, Jet engine, Pear l Harbor

fr: Informatique, Auvergne, Québec, Martin Luther, Science

pl: Amélie Nothomb, Zaratusztrianizm

ro: Mihai Eminescu, Cluj-Napoca


Books: German I,II,III

Source: War of the Worlds

Quote: Einstein, Russian proverbs

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