Kunigado de subteno de lokaj projektoj por mallokaj ŝablonoj

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Gathering support from local projects for global templates

TL;DR Translate this page, and start a discussion on your local project about global templates

There is support at meta for global templates. There is support at mediawiki for global templates. The time has come to ask the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) to work on global templates.

The Obstacle: Uncertainty about community support

For the WMF to decide on planning for this program they need to be convinced there is sufficient support by the communities. They doubt if sufficient local project communities support starting a program to work on developing infrastructure for global templates.

WMF decision timeline for Annual Plan

A program has to be set up, which requires planning, organization and a budget. The fiscal year of the WMF is July to June. The Annual Plan (and budget) is decided upon in May at the C-level within the WMF, and in June by the Board of Trustees of the WMF. Global templates should become a program on the 2021/2022 Annual Plan of the WMF.

Question(s) for the conversation at the local projects

Does your local project community support an initiative to ask the Wikimedia Foundation to budget, and reserve money to be spent on a program to work on developing infrastructure for global templates?


  1. Translation of this page until January 31st, 2021
  2. Discussion on local projects from February 1st, 2021 to April 30th, 2021
  3. April 15th, 2021 to April 30th, 2021 write a program request
  4. May 1st, 2021 submit program request to the WMF

How you can help

You can help move this program forward by:

  1. Translating this page
  2. Setting up a page on your local project to:
    1. Inform your local community about the community wish for global templates
    2. Collect feedback, objections or concerns
    3. Follow local project decision process to inform whether the local community supports this program, or want to raise objections or concerns
  3. Add your name to the list below, name your local project, supply a link to a local project page where this proposal is discussed, and later, the outcome of the discussion (support or not), and the number of supporters

Support table

Name Local project Link to discussion page Discussion outcome Number of supporters
Jarekt Meta Wishlist Support Support 90
Amir Mediawiki Discuss Support Support 86
Ad Huikeshoven nl.wp Wikipedia:Globale sjablonen Support Support 9
mfb de.wp WikiProjekt_Vorlagen/Werkstatt#Projekt_um_globale_Vorlagen_zu_bekommen mixed reactions
B25es es.wp Plantillas globales Support Support 9
Khutuck tr.wp Vikipedi:Köy_çeşmesi_(teknik)#Küresel_şablonlar_/_Global_templates Support Support 14
Amador ca.wp Global templates/Suport a la inclusió dins el pressupost 2021/2022 Support Support 30 (as of 30 April)
Malikxan uz.wp Vikipediya:Forum/Texnik savollar#Global_andozalar_/_Global_templates Support Support 9
Ad Huikeshoven nl.wikiquote Wikiqote:Globale sjablonen 3
Ad Huikeshoven nl.wikisource Wikisource:Globale sjablonen 4
Carn ru.wp Project:Форум/Предложения#Википедия:Глобальные шаблоны Support Support 29
Papuass lv.wp Vikipēdija:Balsošana/Par globālo veidņu un moduļu nepieciešamību Support Support 9
KuboF Hromoslav eo.wp w:eo:Vikipedio:Peto pri komento/Mallokaj ŝablonoj Support Support 29
KuboF Hromoslav eo.ws s:eo:Vikifontaro:Peto pri komento/Mallokaj ŝablonoj Support Support 5
KuboF Hromoslav eo.wvoy voy:eo:Vikivojaĝo:Peto pri komento/Mallokaj ŝablonoj Support Support 12
Tiguliano eo.wn n:eo:Vikinovaĵoj:Peto pri komento/Mallokaj ŝablonoj Support Support 2
Radioamatoro eo.wq q:eo:Vikicitaro:Peto pri komento/Mallokaj ŝablonoj Support Support 4
Paracel63 sv.wp w:sv:Wikipedia:Bybrunnen#Globala_mallar? Support Support 20 (as of 30 April)
KuboF Hromoslav sk.wp w:sk:Wikipédia:Kaviareň/Technické#Podpora_slovenskej_Wikipédie_pre_globálne_šablóny_-_do_28._apríla Support Support 1-2
KuboF Hromoslav cs.wp w:cs:Wikipedie:Pod_lípou_(technika)#Podpora_české_Wikipedie_pro_globální_šablony_-_do_30._dubna no interest 0

Further information

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