Fundraising meeting, September 2004

A discussion took place on the #wikimedia IRC channel on Friday 17 September, 2004 to discuss the upcoming fundraising drive and the current progress being made with grant applications. Please note that whilst this meeting was attending by several members of the board, it was not an official "board meeting". A full log of the meeting is available at Fundraising meeting, September 2004/Log. There is a copy of these notes at Wikimedia:Meetings/September 17, 2004.

The meeting addressed the following questions:

  1. What is the target amount for the drive?
    • Estimated costs:
      • We need to start paying half for the colo costs (bandwidth info). 2300 dollars/mo -> 1100 dollars -> 13200/y
      • Additional apaches, additional squids, additional rack space, additional db servers : $26000 a year
        • Thought Jamesday mentions $30,000-$50,000 on hardware for a quarter...
      • 10 domains/country * 100 countries = 10000/yr
      • At this moment, we have $26,662.84 in the bank which will not be taken into account for this fundraising drive.
    • We will ask for 50 000 for the fundraising as a goal
    • The money will be used for
      • hardware
      • bandwidth (possibly)
      • colo costs
      • domain names
      • travel costs
  2. How long will the drive last?
    • 2 weeks
  3. "This website is not yet official" has to change. Does anything else need to change before this can happen?
    • Needs main page to be clean up properly -> this week end
    • Brion will try to have edit links and co, hidden for non loggued in
  4. Which set amounts should be in the monthly/yearly options?
    • Monthly : minimum given by Mav, up to 100 dollars/mo. For other currencies, make it round numbers as well, and make it fit with revenu level.
  5. How will the drive be publicised?
    • pumps
    • ml
    • goings on
    • press release (must warn translators)
    • unique site notice (look for the translations of the previous notice)
    • The template:fundraisingnotice will be used on all wikis? (Can this be added automatically?)
  6. Are the translations complete and ready to go live?
    • Not yet, but we will try hard to get it done this weekend.
  7. What technical load issues are there that will affect us during the fundraising period?

See also: Translation requests, Translation requests/fundraising-notice


edit and any similar pages need to make clear on the page itself that the form is part of the PayPal donation process. Purely by looking at the form, you can't tell if you're paying through PayPal, directly to Wikimedia, or just sending your money into the void. --Michael Snow 16:07, 17 Sep 2004 (UTC)