Fundraising 2012/Translation/Translators FAQ

This draft FAQ was started on 18 October 2012. It needs to be reviewed by a translation administrator.

In 2012 the translation of the fundraiser has started to use the translate extension. This is different to the process used in previous years. If you are new to using the translate extension, see the tutorial and the rest of the documentation. For the general FAQ, which assumes the use of the {{Translation2}} template, see the page Translation FAQ.

How do I navigate to the messages (=text) to translate?Edit

Via the 2012 translation portal
  • Either:
  • Click on the message group you wish to translate listed at "Pages for translation"
    • Click Translate this page
    • Choose your language
  • Or:
  • Click on your language in the language box
    • For all statuses except 'ready' or 'published', click on the status description of your chosen message group (note that not all message groups are listed as at 18 October 2012)
    • If the status is 'ready' or 'published' click (source) after your chosen message group, then translated version
  • If your language is not listed, enter its code at the bottom of the language list, and follow the instructions.
Via the Translation interface
  • Choose your language
  • Choose a particular message group in the 'group' drop-down box if you don't want to translate all the fundraising messages at once.
Proofreading - Once you have navigated to the chosen message group on the translation interface, click the 'Proofread' tab.

How do I make a translation or proofread?Edit

  1. First navigate to a message group (see previous paragraph).
    1. To translate: Open the messages and translate. When all the messages (except the message group name which is optional) have been translated, go to the dropdown box above the list of messages and choose "proofreading". If you get the message "The requested state is invalid" then check that the language you are proofreading is the same language as in "my preferences". If the message group is also listed on the language's Translate-status template, then please click "edit status" and mark it as "proofreading".
    2. To proofread: If the message can be accepted click on "Accept". If corrections are needed please edit the message instead. After you have proofread the message group and made the necessary corrections, change the status to "ready", as described above.
  2. When translations are finished and have been proofread they will be moved over to the fundraising wiki by the Fundraiser Production Coordinators, and marked as "published".

When and how are changes made to a published translation?Edit

Updates to original textEdit

Sometimes there are changes made to the original text of a page. In order to tell translators that the original has changed an administrator changes the status of the translation from "published" to "needs updating". He also marks any amended messages with the prefix !!FUZZY!!. When a translator works on translating the status can be changed by the translator to "in progress". When ready the translator can change the status to "proofreading" (if the change is big) or "ready" (if the change is small), and an administrator will see that it needs publishing from the status template. The administrator will change the status to "published" when done. During the fundraiser administrators publish new translations quite quickly, but if it hasn't been published within a day or so after the deadline for translation, please request publication on Talk:Fundraising_2012/Translation or by e-mail to translators-l.

To keep track of changes to original texts, you can subscribe to translators-l; all new requests and major changes are announced there. You could also add the English page and the translation status template to your watchlist, so that it will show when the page is updated.

Amendments to a translation after publishingEdit

Sometimes an error or improvement to a translation is discovered after it is published. A translator can edit the translation and then request that the amended translation be republished by changing the status to "ready" again. The translator can also put an explanation in the edit summary of the message. Republishing can be requested either on Talk:Fundraising_2012/Translation or by e-mail to translators-l.

Where should I report an error in a translation?Edit

  • You can amend a translation yourself by following the steps for translators above.
  • Alternatively, you could request the assistance of a translator by posting on Talk:Fundraising_2012/Translation.

Can I request that the fundraiser is removed from my wiki?Edit

Apparently, meta administrators have the power to stop the fundraiser banner from appearing on any particular wiki. So in case of an obvious emergency, if the fundraiser is likely to cause a revolt against the fundraising team, then you could try contacting a meta administrator to explain the nature of the emergency, and request that the fundraiser banner be disabled. An example of where this has been done (for Italian) is where the quality of the translation was very poor, during the testing period.

I have no idea how to deal with wiki markup. Help!Edit

Just leave them. Later, more experienced wiki-editors may willingly help you. It may even be okay if you remove wiki markups, if you find them too annoying to make progress in your translation.

Where may I ask a question about translating?Edit

Where do I translate the interface of the landing page and the payments interface?Edit

The donations interface are part of the MediaWiki extension 'Donation Interface - Gateway Common'. This extension is translated at A few new messages have been added during 2012.

I have completed the translations but the fundraiser still appears in English. What can I do?Edit

  • Check that the status of the translation is "ready". If the status is anything else, the translation administrators will not know to publish it. You can check the status of a message group on the Language Statistics or Message Group Statistics tabs of the translation interface.
  • Report and request publication on Talk:Fundraising_2012/Translation or by e-mail to translators-l.

I have translated the fundraiser pages but they are not appearing (and I am in an area covered by a Wikimedia chapter). Why?Edit

Fundraiser and donation pages localised on Meta are published on the Wikimedia Foundation's official wiki. The donation and fundraiser links on all Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) wikis lead to these localised pages on Wikimedia Foundation, except for users who are physically within a region where a Wikimedia chapter with a current fundraising agreement operates. Users accessing the donation link who are physically within one of these chapters are directed to donation pages on the regional chapter wiki, and not to the Wikimedia Foundation wiki. As at October 2012 only the German, Swiss and French chapters have active fundraising agreements. Donations within the UK are currently being processed by WMF instead of Wikimedia UK.

By default, the chapters localise to only one or two languages within their areas. If you want to localise the fundraiser within these regions, then in addition to translating the fundraiser here on meta, you will need to contact the chapter to request that they create localised donation pages for your language, based on the pages translated here at Meta. There will be additional text to translate, applicable to that chapter only. Not all the chapters agree to publishing the fundraiser in the language of the wiki. If you encounter problems in this matter then you can try raising the matter on the translators-l list, or ask at Talk:Fundraising 2012/Translation.

The situation for Alemannic in 2011, as far as its translator could tell, was:

  • Switzerland: Promised to add Alemannic but nothing happened.
  • France: Jimmy letter published in Alemannic
  • Germany: Reply received that nothing could be done for technical reasons.

For 2012, Mediawiki Deutschland will be running its campaign in German on the German language Wikipedia only - see fundraising 2012 talk page.

Why has the December 2012 fundraiser not appeared on my wiki?Edit

The WMF November/December 2012 fundraiser campaign is to be run on English language wikis within the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand only. It will run in other countries and in other languages in April 2013. See this announcement. The campaigns run by the chapters Wikimedia Deutschland, Wikimedia France and Wikimedia Switzerland will also continue to run in December.