Fundraising 2010/bn

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সাম্প্রতিক সংযোজন !

অংশ নিনEdit

Want to get involved? This year's fundraiser relies on community involvement to localize messages and make sure that this fundraiser represents all of us. Suggest banners, join the committee, give us feedback, edit this fundraiser!

Propose and Discuss Sign-Up Testing Translation
Propose your own banner ideas and discuss the banners others submitted. Sign-up for the committee to help! Find out what has already been tested and how it worked. Help us translate the existing banners and donation pages.

২০১০ তহবিল সংগ্রহ সম্পর্কেEdit

Like previous years, banner messages that run on top of Wikimedia websites drive the fundraiser. Banner messages must represent the spirit and mission of the Wikimedia projects. Each Thursday we run a test fundraiser where we will test different messages that are suggested by Wikimedia readers, community members and outsiders who want to help. Together, we'll throw all our ideas into one big pot and see what rises to the top.

This year's fundraiser is a collaborative campaign. We recognize that messages that work in the United States don't always work worldwide, we're asking the community to get deeply involved with the messaging, planning, and execution of this year's fundraiser.

Core Principles:

  1. Messages will be reflective of who we are. They will represent the values and integrity of the projects and organization.
  2. Messages will be considered fairly, regardless of source - any messaging that's submitted will be weighed equally (messages suggested by professionals will be given the same consideration as messages submitted by the community), and tested fairly. The primary mechanism for deciding on messaging will be to get ideas from the broad community (including staff) and consultants and test them.
  3. Messaging decisions will be based in fact. Messages that are used will be tested rigorously and ones that don't work won't be used. There will be a well-defined testing methodology that provides us with appropriate and well-considered data for decision making.
  4. Messages will be optimized. If a local community (chapter, language community, project) finds that a particular (appropriate) message works better in that environment, we will support

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