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  • For more info see the 2010 report.
  • For Wikimedia Foundation raised funds from Nov 2010 to Jan 2011, see [1]
WMAU Report, WMUK Report
  • Wikimedia Foundation and chapters FR report for February, see [2]
  • Wikimedia Foundation and chapters FR report for March, see [3]
  • Wikimedia Foundation and chapters FR report for April, see [4]
  • Wikimedia Foundation and chapters FR report for May, see [5]
  • WMUK Report Feb'11-May'11

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For more information, see Fundraising 2009 report.

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For more info, see Fundraising 2008 report.

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For more information on this fundraiser, see Fundraising 2007 report.

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For more information about the fundraiser, see Fundraising/2006.

The Wikimedia Foundation's fundraiser from 16 December 2006-15 January 2007 succeeded in raising just more than US$1 million. The first three graphs on this page show the day-by-day progress of the fundraiser in terms of total donations, across all currencies, up through 10 January 2007. First, average donation size is shown; second, the number of donations; and third, the total USD value of all donations. The second set of three graphs show analogous information, disaggregated by currency. The vertical red line in each figure marks the first day of the fundraiser; and to make patterns clearer, the large matching contributions are not included here.

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