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You may know that I send regular reports to the Wikimedia board.

I don't see a really compelling reason _not_ to send the reports to foundation-l [as well]... Let me know if you find it helpful :-)
  – Sue Gardner, January 31, 2008

Annual Reports and Financial ReportsEdit

The Wikimedia Foundation publishes the following reports on its website:

  • The Annual Report, with financials, activities, and accomplishments.
  • Financial reports: Annual Plans (a budget of all planned activities), audited financial statements, mid-year financials, and Form 990 tax returns
  • Fundraising reports about fundraising work and results.

Other annual WMF reports:

Monthly reports (2008-2014) and quarterly reports (2014-)Edit

The monthly WMF reports originated as reports from Executive Director Sue Gardner to the Board, but were soon made public for the benefit of the Wikimedia community and other interested readers. From around 2012, they were posted to the Announcements and Wikimedia-l lists (in a plaintext version), on Meta, and on the Wikimedia blog.

They summarized staff activity and other work that is sometimes covered in more detail on the Wikimedia Blog, in press releases, on public wikis such as Meta-wiki, and on the announcements list.

From September 2011 on, an excerpt of the monthly WMF report formed part of the shorter Wikimedia Highlights, which are geared towards facilitating translation.

In 2014, the monthly reports were replaced by the quarterly reports, with the last monthly report covering September 2014.

The Foundation switched to a quarterly reporting schedule beginning in Q2 of the 2014-15 fiscal year (October-December 2014), a main reason being to better align it with its quarterly planning and goalsetting process. In the interest of readability, the quarterly reports focus on the work done on a number of key priorities rather than attempting a comprehensive list of every team’s goals - for a more detailed view, consider referring to the quarterly review documentation.










Monthly technology reportsEdit

The monthly Foundation reports only include the main accomplishments of the Engineering staff.


The regular Wikimedia Engineering reports ended with the December 2014 issue. As of 2015, the past accomplishments of specific teams are summarized in general WMF quarterly reports (see above) and in their quarterly reviews.

Board meeting minutesEdit

Meeting minutes follow. For agenda details and preliminary discussions, or to leave comments or suggestions for future meetings, see Wikimedia meetings.

Minutes (below) are posted to the foundationwiki's Meetings overview and category.