See also One-year plan and Three-year plan
This plan is not official, but is a brainstorming area for any user to suggest to the board what their focus should be over the next three years.
  • Community - regular (monthly?) meetings in every city with over twenty active contributors.
  • Redundance - Redundant awareness, deadline monitoring, distribution. Most people should [be able to] know most of what's going on most of the time.
    • Redundant communities (developer, educational, publishing, fallback planning, reporting), contributors (as ever). WMF support for external efforts (e.g., support for reusers, redistributors, independent grant writers, different & even incompatible visions).

2. Synergy: communication, project network

  • Rapid publication of as many records as possible. A model for open nonprofits.
  • Internal update center - a single layered source for information, multiply categorized by its readers; a model for the communication bazaar.
  • Weekly communication with a few hundred related projects around the globe, each reaching out to over 10,000 people.

3. Content: data, metadata, standards, APIs

4. Structure: interface & organization design

5. Self-awareness: metrics, feedback, improvement

6. Campaigning in universities to encourage academics and students to contribute - work from studies added etc.