Dispute wiki is a wiki for the resolution of disputes such as Mediation or Arbitration. It could also host abuse complaints.

This is a proposal for a new Wikimedia sister project.
Status of the proposal
ReasonLocal wikis can handle the disputes.
There would also be a private wiki for mediators, arbitrators and dispute resolution people

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Alternative names edit

  • resolutions;
  • dispute resolutions

Related projects/proposals edit

None, but dispute resolution pages on other wikis

Domain names edit

  • disputes.wikimedia.org
  • resolutions.wikimedia.org
  • disputeresolutions.wikimedia.org
  • dispute-resolutions.wikimedia.org
For the private wiki
  • disputes-private.wikimedia.org
  • resolutions-private.wikimedia.org
  • disputeresolutions-private.wikimedia.org
  • dispute-resolutions-private.wikimedia.org

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