Template:New sister project proposal

This is a proposal for a new Wikimedia sister project.
Status of the proposal
Statusunder discussion
Technical requirements
Template documentation

This template should be used for proposals for a new sister project. Please, take also a look at New project process/Handbook for requesters.


{{TNT|New sister project proposal
<!-- The following are about the status of the proposal -->
|status = discussion/submitted/approved/rejected/withdrawn/closed (default: discussion; "closed" should be used only for proposals opened before 2012)
|comments = [comments about the outcome of the proposal] (use only for approved/rejected/closed proposals)
<!-- The following are about the proposal itself -->
|project_name = [name/working title for the project]
|topic = [topic the project is about] (see the existing topics)
|project_description = [synopsis of the project] (the detailed proposal should be inserted in the "Proposal" section)
|multilingual_wiki = [one multilingual wiki or more language-based wiki]
|multilingual = [if multilingual wiki, how many languages will be used?]
|technical_reqs = [new features that MediaWiki doesn't have now, and that will probably needed]
<!-- The following are optional -->
|tagline = [proposed tagline of the project, if there is one]
|url = [proposed URL of the project]
|logo = [proposed logo of the project, if there is one]
|prefix = [proposed prefix of the project, if there is one]
|more_settings = [further comments on the project]
|development_wiki = [link for the developing website of the project, if there is one]
|participants = [list of participants to the project]